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Some Astrological Aspects of Crime Part 1

Dr. Shanker Adawal

Part 1

The heavenly bodies do rule the fates of men and nations to a certain extent. The controlling and the most beneficent influence is that of the Sun. Next comes the influence of the Moon. The slower moving planets are at times more powerful than these two. But to give infallible predictions, the astrologer must be infallible. As Madame Blavatsky remarked: “In astrology and psychology one has to step beyond the physical world of matter, and enter into the domain of transcendent spirit.” Varaha Mihira and others, therefore, emphasized that the astrologer must have a sound moral character, a fine spiritual development, and Vaksuddhi (intuition). The need for these qualities becomes clear when we study the charts of criminals.

Let us consider the sensitive areas and planets before we illustrate crime. To detect a homicidal tendency, we have to look at the Sun. There are violent afflictions to the Sun, Cancer and Pisces. The 8th degree of Cancer and Capricorn, and the 13th degrees of Virgo and Pisces are involved. The first 3 or 4 degrees, 18h and 19th degrees of the fixed signs, 26th degrees of Taurus and Scorpio, 25th degree of Aries also appear to be important. Usually Lagna is afflicted by the Sun, the Moon, or malefic.
Criminally needs cruelty and this point to afflicted Mars and Scorpio. Saturn and Mars are in adverse aspects, mutually; and the Moon, Venus and Jupiter are badly placed. One may kill another and then kill himself. In such cases we notice violent malefic afflictions to one or both luminaries, to the lord of the 3rd, and to Mercury. Saturn afflicts these and Jupiter is badly placed having conjunction with or aspect from Saturn. The degrees involved are 24 degree of common signs, 4 degree of fixed signs, and 5 degree of movable signs. Always we have to look at Saturn and Mars and Scorpio.

Most cases of criminality and all cases of illness involve the glands. A brief idea of these from an astrological point of view is necessary. Aries rules the pineal and the pituitary glands. The pineal gland is behind the third ventricle of the brain. The pituitary secretes phlegm and mucus. It is ductless and is at the base of the brain. Taurus controls the thyroid which is a ductless gland situated on larynx or trachea, the seat of goiter. Gemini has pancreas which is near the stomach discharging a digestive secretion into the duodenum.

Leo rules the thymus, a ductless gland near the base of the neck. Virgo refers to the liver. Libra controls adrenaline, a hormone secreted by the adrenal ductless glands and affecting circulation and muscular action. Scorpio refers to the Prostrate and Gonad. Gonad is an undifferentiated germ gland serving both as ovary and spermary. Sagittarius is catabolic, while Pisces is anabolic. Capricorn and Aquarius rule the nervous system, the former is function while the latter is structural. Saturn controls the valves and the brain. On the metabolic side Sagittarius refers to asthi (bone), mamsa (muscle), nyasti, and medha (ft); while Pisces refers to the watery dhatus and vasa. Lymphatic interior comes under Rahu, while Ketu governs lymphatic exterior.

Similarly let us note the basic elements. Mars refers to phosphorus and sulphur. Mercury is related to magnesium, Venus to calcium, Jupiter to sodium, and Saturn to potassium.

As Dr. B. V. Raman observed, “the Dhatus are the supporting roots – rather the constituent ingredients of the body but for whose intrusion sudden cessation of all anabolic activities are perceived”. When these Dhatus and the Tridoshas are not in a state of harmony, physical and mental troubles emerge. We have given these details only to emphasize the value of the physiological factors in accounting for the behaviour of the criminals.

While studying the factors that make a person a criminal, it is better to proceed from the known to the unknown. We take up some charts. Chart 1 is that of Nero as given by Dr. Raman in his Notable Horoscopes. The Sun and Mercury are malefic and the Sun rises on the same degree as that of Lagna.

Saturn aspects Mercury and also the 8th house. The native was cruel also because the 5th house is aspected by Saturn and Mars, and the Moon by Mars. The lord of the 8th aspects the 3rd. The 2nd house shows the conjunction of Mars and Rahu. During the sub period of Venus in the Moon he had Rome burnt. Jupiter, Rahu and Ketu are in sensitive degrees. The chart shows his innate cruelty and his passion for blood. Saturn’s position and his placement in the 3rd from the Moon and in the 10th from Mars is significant.

Chart 2 is that of Aurangazeb a given by Dr. Raman. Lagna is afflicted by Mars and Saturn. The 3rd house is afflicted by the Sun and Mercury. The lord of the 5th is combust with the debilitated Sun.

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