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Planets and Doctor Profession Part 2

Dr. Shanker Adawal

Part 2

According to Varaha Mihira Ravi has an acknowledged rulership over medical profession. In Vrischika or Dhanus he makes one a doctor. Mars occupying 3rd house or Budha’s houses is a relevant factor for surgeons. Ravi in conjunction or in trine to Mars, either in powerful aspect with Guru, signifies medicine. Ravi in trine to nodes or in conjunction with them; Mars in conjunction with Rahu; Sani as lord of 10 in trine to Rahu and Mars trine Nodes make one a doctor. According to Kalidasa vide Sloka 53 of Khanda 5 Ketu is the significator for medical profession:

 In addition to above following are some of the constant factors:

1. Ravi with Sani in any house.

2. Sani aspects Ravi in any house.

3. Ravi in Sani’s house.

4. Sani and Rav in mutual Kendras.

5. Sani and Ravi exalted.

6. Sani as lord of 10 posited in 6th (Mesha/Vrishabha Lagnas)

7. Ravi in trine to Mars powerfully aspected by Guru.

8. Ravi Mars, Budha and Guru inter-related.

9. Ravi in trine to nodes.

10. Ravi with Ketu, or Mars with Rahu.

11. Sani as lord of 10th in trine to Ravi, or Mars trine Nodes.

12. Lords of 1 and 10 related to each other.

13. Mars in Upachayas.

14. Sani conjunct Guru in 7 to powerful Ravi.

15. 10th lord related to 6th lord or 6th Bhava.

16. Venus in Makara or Kumbha aspected by Sani.

17. 4th degree of Karkataka or Mesha or Makara or Tula as 10th Bhava, 10 to 22 degrees of Simha and Kumbha.

18. Moon and Mars when stronger than other planets.

19. Malefics in 10 aspected by benefics.

20. Ravi + Moon + Budha; Ravi + Moon + Venus; Ravi + Budha + Guru; Moon + Guru + Venus; Moon + Mars + Budha + Guru.

21. Parivarthana of 9 and 12 lords.

22. Mesha, Simha, Vrischika or Dhanus as 10th from lagna or Moon.

23. Relationship of Ravi with Mars, Mars occupying constellations of Ravi or vice versa.

24. Aswani, Aslesha Moola at birth.

25. Ravi in Dhanus, Sani with Venus in 10th, Moon and lord of 4 in 10.

26. Bhavas 8 and 12 inter-related and aspected by Guru.

27. Ravi with Budha in 5th house.

28. When lords of 8 and 12 related, one will be a neuro surgeon.

29. Ravi + Venus in 12 or Ravi in Kendra to Moon – The horoscope is very productive.

30. Ravi, Budha and Guru when related make one a doctor.

31. Taragrahas as Atmakaraka posited in common Rasis make one a doctor.

32. Mars in Karkataka in mutual aspect with exalted Sani in Tula makes one a famous surgeon. Both the planets should occupy Kendras only.

33. Budha and Guru asapect Karakamsa (Jaimini aspect) – the native becomes a doctor.

34. Budha and Rahu are also associated with medical profession.

35. Atmakaraka happening to be Ravi or Guru of Budha or Sani or Mars occupying Karakamsas as common signs or the 3 fixed Rasis Simha, Vrischika and Kumbha make one a doctor.

I now give some of the combinations of planets that go to make a doctor under the twelve lagnas for guidance of the readers.

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