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Planets and Doctor Profession Part 1

Dr. Shanker Adawal

Part 1

According to Varaha Mihira, Ravi has an acknowledged rulership over medical profession. In Vrischika/Dhanus, he makes one a doctor. Mars (Mars) in the 3rd house, or Budha’s houses is a relevant factor for surgeons. Ravi in conjunction with or in trine to Mars either in powerful aspect with Guru, signifies medicine. Ravi in trine to nodes or in conjunction with them, Mars in conjunction with Rahu, Sani as lord of the 10th in trine to nodes can make one a doctor. According to Uttarakalamrita, Ketu signifies medical profession.

Now a days we find doctors indicated in the professions starting from `A’ to `Z’. The yardstick used to decide conferment of such a respectable title is not known to us. I wonder if the institutions conferring such title even know the reasons. Leaving aside the issue I wish to explain in this article the planetary combinations/permutations that make one a doctor in medicine fit to attend on a patient after undergoing a regular course of study in a medical college and the house-surgeonship for a prescribed period. The ancient literature of astrology tells us only about a doctor and not specialization on diseases regarding various parts of the human body. It is only by research/experience we are supposed to have an idea. The doctor is supposed to ascertain the cause and seat of the disease and the medicine most likely to prove beneficial when administered. Constitution of human body varies very much and what may benefit one may injured another. A study of medical astrology will enable one to know which planet is likely to benefit most and by using suitable cure may easily be effected. To start with the two terms `health’ and `disease’ are to be understood on proper lines.

a) Health is that state of the body where all the parts are sound, performing their functions properly. Disease is a condition where vitality is reduced and the normal functions are not satisfactorily performed. So there are two types of doctors – one dealing with preventive medicine and the other with the curative medicine.

Ravi, Moon and Lagna are the chief points in the charts of males while Moon is important in a woman’s chart. The Lagna determines the physical strength or otherwise. The planets according to their affliction of the luminaries cause disease depending on the Rasis occupied by them, and their nature. 6th house is the house of diseases, indicating ailments according to the sign on the cusp thereof or the planets occupying the house. 8th house, the sign of the cusp and planets related, indicate fatal illness. 4th house also deserves consideration as planets therein afflicting the luminaries are powerful in determining the health and sickness.

The constellation Aswani is ruled by twins, the doctors for Devas. It is governed by the planet Ketu and is posited in Mesha Rasi owned by Mars (Mars). Ketu is exalted in Vrischik another house ruled by Mars. Rahu being a part of Ketu deserves to be included. Moon governs life and rules over Karkataka Rasi. Sun is the life himself as he governs vitality and heart. Moon governs all herbs used in medicine. The significator for longevity is Sani ruling over Makara and Kumbha Rasis. We thus see that Mesha and Vrischika ruled by Mars, Karkataka and Simha ruled by Moon and Ravi respectively, and Makara and Kumbha ruled by Sani figure prominently. The planets concerned are Mars, Moon, Ravi, Ketu and Rahu. Every planet governs certain diseases and medicinal herbs. Meena Rasi governing hospitals and nursing homes is a Rasi in trine to Karkataka and Vrischika – watery group. And hence is to be included in the above list.

Please refer to Jataka Tatwa of Mahadeva-Shasta Viveka is full of informationon various diseases. More than a hundred combinations are given causing various diseases. No. 88 of 5th Viveka tells us that Rahu and Ravi in conjunction with a benefic occupyinig a Navamsa of the Atmakaraka planet make one of Vishva Vaidya. No. 33 of the same Viveka throws light on one becoming a physician – “If the Karakamsa is aspected by Budha, Moon and Venus or if the 2nd lord occupies 7th – the native is a physician. When the 10th lord from lagna or Moon or Sun occupies Mesha or Vrischika in Navamsa chart the native is a surgeon. Budha in Dhanus as 10th house makes one a doctor. Mantreswara and Ramadayalu say that the tenth lord occupying Simha Navamsa makes one a doctor. Same is the result when 10th lord occupies a Mars Navamsa according to Vaidyanatha. Guru in 10 in Mesha (Lagna is Karkataka) makes one a doctor in medicine or health. When this Guru is aspected by Mars he becomes a surgeon. For Vrischika lagna Guru in 10 (Simha Rasi) makes one a physician. Guru in Kanya as 10th house makes one take to preventive medicine. Guru in Vrischika as 10th house makes one a Homeopath. For Meena lagna Guru posited in his Moola Trikona Rasi makes one an Ayurvedic Doctor. For Mithuna lagna Guru in 10 makes one a physician. Sani for Kumbha lagna in 10 makes one a dentist. Ketu in 10 for Tula lagna makes a specialist in tuberculosis or cancer. For Kumbha lagna Guru in 10 makes one an orthopedic surgeon.

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