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Moon and its Effects in Vedic Astrology Part 2

Dr. Shanker Adawal

Part 2

In considering work and its attendant, failure of success, the tenth house is of considerable importance, and any planets in this house have to be considered as well as the position of the moon. Many people, if there are houses which do not contain any planets-leaping to the conclusion that the departments of life so governed by these houses must remain blank for him. This is illogical. He should not conclude that if it is the seventh house, for instance, he will never get married because of the same rationale of thought, if the fourth and tenth houses are devoid of planets, he would have had no mother or father. Houses containing certainly affect life much more than houses without any, but the planet governing the sign of the cusp of any empty house may be so strongly placed by sign, house and elevation, that it projects its influence onto the vacant house. So, although we must fire consider planets in the tenth house as major significators of occupation, if no planets are there it is not always detrimental. According to aspects, it may well mean that the person has difficulties in holding down a job for any length of time, or has an allergy to work because he prefers to slide through life relying on friends to support him.

If there is a good unafflicted planet in the tenth house, the next consideration in assessing the working potential is to consider any planet in the second house because this is connected with money. The normal second house ruler is Venus but, according to the position of the planet on the horizon at the time of birth, known as the Ascendant, the house of Taurus, ruled by Venus, will be changed. For financial results from work it takes a good aspect to the second house to bring the money into your bank account. A point to be considered in work is whether you are going to be employed by someone or be self-employed. If you are in the position when you need an employer, then it is hopeful that you have a good aspect from the sixth house ruling employment to the tenth as well as the second. An ideal astrological layout has to be backed up with some energy and motivation from the subject himself. Mars affects the energy, but the moon affects the mental attitude toward work. No single planet alone affects work, but its sign, house position, and aspects give some clues as to the occupation which the subject will find most congenial.

The moon rules the female but Venus rules young women and girls, so a combination of these two planets may influence the occupation so that we find women as cosmeticians. Beauty parlour operators, dress makers and dress saleswomen. All these occupations are not, however, exclusive to women but generally, if a male is in this work, he will have a strong affinity to the moon and Venus at least, enough to make him relate to the more feminine things of life.

The moon rules liquids, of which oil is one type, and Neptune governs occupations connected with oil, so this aspect would be very good for anyone with the inclination to take up a career in the oil business, even if he does not become a tycoon. The moon rules the personality and who can deny that there are many occupations which rely on this characteristic? If it appears in the second house trining a planet in the tenth house, it is a good indication that the subject will be successful in his work. The most simple rule to follow in assessing work is to consider the planets in the tenth, second, and sixth houses, and then apply a lot of common sense in the interpretation. The more charts an astrologer prepares and studies, the more he is able to apply common sense to his technical skill in analyzing the chart.

Some people succeed through trial and error in finding their right profession, but going through years in the wrong field is not smart, although it may add some needed experience to the karma of the subject. All too many people lead a hard life, always working without any enjoyment in it, and retire with thankfulness only to find that the accumulated tension built up by being a square peg in a round hole forces them into the grave. Exceptionally talented people will somehow find their niche and the type of work which is a joy to them, and others by sheer will power make good in a difficult vocation.

How much one should accept the wrong working life is not always within the free will of the person concerned. His hatred of his job may be overruled by the nee to provide for a family, an aged relation, or a sick child. Then, hopefully, he tries to bear it, with the end product of money being the consolation for personal unhappiness.

If you are considering a working life in partnership with another, then it is better to find someone who has his moon in the same position as the sun is within your own chart. It also helps to have Jupiter, the planet of expansion, in conjunction to the sun, moon, ascendant or mid-heaven of the other. These are basic indications of a successful partnership.

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