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Moon and its Effects in Vedic Astrology Part 1

Dr. Shanker Adawal

Part 1

To many people, work is something that interferes with pleasure. Our ancestors linked their instincts for survival with their ability to work. The men hunted for food, and the women converted it into meals. They also hunted to provide skins to keep their bodies warm and later worked to build shelters to shield them from the vagaries of the weather. The means of survival have changed with every age and, despite our more sophisticated life, work I still connected to our basic instincts for survival. The methods, means, and rewards have changed, but the motivation has not. Today we have many things designed to reduce work and allow more time for leisure, but we never really catch up with enjoying the leisure to the full because the old nightmare of survival intervenes. Build a better house, design better standards for living, have all the labour saving devices you want in the kitchen and all you have substituted for the hunter’s arrows as his means of survival is money. That is just about the yardstick today of our survival: hunt it, catch it, and hope to hold on to it for a while represents work, more work, but the end product is survival in a world where all but this instinct has undergone changing values.

If we can have free choice in doing the work we would like to do and when we would like to do it, then we still have time for pleasure and leisure. Work tires us, mainly because we do not like it, and even the thought of an uncongenial chore can produce fatigue. On the other hand, if we are really suited for the work we do, we rarely feel fatigue and can work for long hours, even getting a feeling of pleasure from it. I work long hours at the typewriter mainly because I love all fills me with aversion, and following the aversions comes a sense of tiredness. I have the skills to be a secretary but not the motivation to through money, I expect I could brush up my shorthand, practice greater speeds at typing, and even cope with the intricacies of a filing system in an office. I would do this only to have sufficient money to live on, and that is the position so many people find themselves in. Yet there are secretaries who really enjoy their work and do not see it only as a means of earning a living they enjoy the confidence an employer may have in them and the chance to get away from the house.

The sum stimulates the body and Mars supplies the energy to work, but the moon stimulates the mind. Getting the sun, Mars, and the moon in tune when it comes to work makes any chores much easier to cope with. If a person is working in a job he wholeheartedly dislikes but cannot change the work because of monetary circumstances, then the only thing to do is to change his consciousness and attitude to it. Once the dislike is overcome, it is a curious fact that the work becomes easier although it may not be totally enjoyable. Understanding the position of the moon in your chart often helps you to ease the strain of work and give enough time to have pleasure because the moon softens attitudes toward work. It also indicates through its position in sign and house, the type of work which you are likely to find most naturally congenial. The luminaries of the sun and moon together with each planet have specific ruler-ships over various types of work. Because you are born under a water sign or have the moon in one, it does not mean that you are cut out to be a sailor; but it will certainly affect your interest in any work which gives a degree of freedom.

In studying the effect of the moon on work or vocations, we find the keynote word is change. The main vocations ruled by the moon are occupations which involve traveling, sailors, nurses, fishermen; dealers in liquids-laundry proprietors and workers; cabbage and cauliflower growers; chicken raisers; cheese manufacturers; health attendants; interior decorators with a special interest in bathrooms; bakers; brewery workers and owners; boat owners; dairy farmers; dairy workers; household help; chinaware salespersons; also glassware salespersons; melon growers, midwives, obstetricians, gynecologists- any work connected with plastics, mould makers, restaurant proprietors and workers, innkeepers, waiters and waitresses, night watchmen, antique dealers, collectors, heraldic designers, perfume makers and workers, real estate (the sale of homes rather than commercial buildings), hypnotists, clairvoyants, writers of romantic novels, impressionist painters, silversmiths, makers and workers of home appliances.

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