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Underground Wealth Part 5

Dr. Shanker Adawal                                                                  

Part 5

Reinstatement of Dismissed Candidate

Born on 29.3.22 and the chart is furnished below.

Do not worry – Entertain hopes – you are coming out successful.

On 30-4-63 during your Moon Dasa Saturn Bhukti, when Moon transited in Cancer sign ruled by Moon and in Pushya star governed by Saturn, you were kept under suspension.

On 29-4-64, during Moon Dasa Mercury Bhukti on a Wednesday, ruled by Mercury and Anuradha star day governed by Saturn and in Cancer Lagna owned by Moon.

2, 6, 10 houses indicate profession.

House No. 2 occupied and owned by Mars. No planet is in the constellation of Mars, to indicate good and bad in your profession.

House No. 6 is owned by Jupiter and occupied by Sun, Kethu, Moon and Venus.

House 10 is owned by Moon; Sani, Rahu and Jupiter are in Hastham and they promise success or failure in your profession. Sani was exactly in the 12th cusp.

7th house shows one with whom you transact or one who pays you money.

Saturn is lord of 11 to 7th house and was in 6 to 7, i.e. Saturn was Labhadhipathi to 7th house in Vraya Sthana to you. Saturn is to keep everything under suspense, delay unduly and prolong throughout its period. Hence Saturn, in 12th cusp, Vraya, in the constellation of Moon, caused some secret enemical activity and you were suspended during Saturn Bhukti on a Saturn star day Pushya.

Mercury is in the 11th house to the 7th i.e. in Labha to the opponent. It is the lord of your 12th house. 

Mercury is for explanation and enquiry and it had adversely ended.

Till 18.3.66 you are running Kethu sub period. Then follows Venus.

Venus – Sukra is lord of 8 in 6, i.e. lord of the second house to the 7th in Vraya to the 7th. Thereforfe during Venus Bhukti, you will regain.

Sun is your Labhaadhipathi and is in 6 to you and Vraya to the 7th. Therefore Moon Dasa Venus Bhukti Sun anthrax will reinstate you. They are in Jupiter’s sign and aspected by Jupiter. Law is in your favour. Rules are in your favour. But all along, your time was bad.

But during Moon Dasa Venus Bukti Sun Anthra, i.e. on or around 1-9-66, when Sun transits in Poorvapalguni star and Moon in Rohini star, you will be reinstated.

Arrears of pay, that had been accumulating in one’s account, gratuity, provident fund, insurance etc. are shown by 8th house. Lord of 8 Venus in 6, in Vargothama, in exaltation in Rasi and in Navamsa will get you all the amount due to you and your claims for promotion etc., will receive correct, proper and prompt attention. Pray Lord Krishna who was born in Rohini (Moon star, Venus sign) as you will win in Moon Dasa Venus Bhukti.

Service – Judgement & Change

House to be judged – 2, 6 and 10.

Changes – 1, 5, 9, 12
Service – 6 strong; business includes 7th also

The order in which we have to select the significators according to their strength is as under:-

1. The planets tenanted the constellation of the occupants in the houses 2 or 6 or 10 or 11.

2. The planets deposited in 2 or 6 or 10 or 11.

3. The planets situated in the constellation of the lords of 2 or 6 or 10 or 11.

4. Lords of the above houses.

5. Planets conjoined with the strong significators or

6. Planets aspected by the strong significator.

Rahu or Ketu situated in the sign of any of the strong significators.

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