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Underground Wealth Part 4

Dr. Shanker Adawal                                                
Part 4

Again to fix the exact time, follow horary astrology. A number was asked for and the friend sitting by the side of the editor mentioned 93. It means that Sathabisha star, first quarter rises as ascendant.
The horoscope for the moment is as follows:-

Mon conjoined with Saturn in the ascendant indicates that the native will reject the first offer, whatever it may be. But Mars, the lord of 10 aspecting the ascendant thrusts on him a job much more powerful than what is suggested. Nothing is lost when a candle burns. One man’s food is another man’s poison. One’s gain is another’s loss. Therefore this can happen when Sun or Moon transits the 6th cusp to the Horary ascendant, i.e., around the 7th or 8th degree of Cancer, which means service to the native in the post falling vacant.

Therefore from 24-7-1965 onwards, he will draw his salary.

According to another school of thought, the position of Moon transited by Sun gives the result, which will be 17-2-1966.

Let another horoscope be studied to note the results:

At the time of birth Mars Dasa balance was only ten months and eighteen days. Mercury Dasa started on 23-6-61.

The ascendant is not afflicted. It is strong as the lord of lagna is not in 6 or 8 or 12 to Lagna and no malefic is posited in the lagna. Further the Lagna is Vargotham and strong.

Moon sign and the 9th Bhava is afflicted as Neptune and Rahu were in the 9th house. That is why the native had to lose his father when he was young on 18th January 1916 in Rahu Dasa Saturn Bhukti Rahu antra.

For a person to receive a salary the house two, six and ten are to be judged.

Lord of 2 is Mars. It is the Upachayasthana the third and in the constellation of the lord of Lagna. Hence it will contribute for further rise in one’s career. It affords a modest and independent view as its fiery nature is toned down by Venus, the lord of the constellation in which Mars was.

Lord of 6 is Jupiter. It is exalted in the 10th house and it aspects the 6th. So it indicates that the native will serve in respectable posts. Jupiter makes one attached to Law or religion or finance or politics. Jupiter was in the constellation of the planet occupying the 6th house.

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