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Underground Wealth Part 2

Dr. Shanker Adawal                                                                  

Part 2

Another astrologer when consulted a few days before shuffling, may advance his argument and ask the native to forget about the luck in prize bond by saying `Sir, when you had Saturn transiting in the Labha Sthana – 11th house, you did not get. When Saturn’s 7 ½ years’ transit is on, especially when Saturn is in 12, how can you expect any luck. He may recite some Slokas’. Further he may add that Jupiter transiting in the third sign counted from Moon sign is very bad and most unfortunate. He can quote the malefic effects of “Thritheeya Brahaspathi.” It will appeal to those who have not done research, that when a man did not get prize when Jupiter was in 2nd and Saturn in 11, he can never get during Saturn 7 ½ years and Thritheeya Brahaspati period.

The fact is that he  has gained. How can he win a prize?

(1) (a) A planet in the constellation of another one is stronger than the latter. That is why Venus, lord of 10, a Raja-Yogadhipathi could not give easy money in the last portion of its Dasa.

(b) It was purchased in Mercury Bhukti which was under the sway of the node – Kethu in the 5th house. So neither Mercury in its own sub period nor Kethu could give. 5th house gives inclination to speculate but profit to the opponent. Lagna denotes the native – 7th house represents those with whom one competes. 5th house to Lagna is the Labhasthana or the 11th to the 7th. Hence 5th house gives the mind to speculate and contribute for the benefit of the competitors.

(2) Always houses 1, 2, 3, 6, 10 and 11 promise grand success and gains without pains.

(3) Planets must be judged by considering the constellation occupied by them. One need not worry about the name of the lord of the constellation. But note which houses are governed by the planet which rules the constellation. If Moon is in Revathi for one born in Simha Lagna then one is to consider that the lord of 12 throws light through the modifying slide which owns the houses 2 and 11. Hence the matters of 2 and 11 alone will operate. Lordship of the 12th house shows that one can gain through investment,” prize bond is an investment for many people, without interest and for those who win the prize the interest is many times the capital itself.

Hence Moon in the constellation of Mercury i.e., in the constellation of the lord of 2 and 11 gave money in Moon’s star day, i.e. Sravana star day.

Venus, in the constellation of Saturn, the lord of 6 and 7, rules Friday when he received the prize. Any planet in the constellation of lord of 6 occupying the 8th house or in the constellation of lord of 8 occupying the 6th house will invariably brings luck without any strain. For the 7th house represents opponent, 6 and 8 are the 2nd and 12th houses to the opponent. So, if there is connection between houses 2 and 12 one is to lose. Hence, the opponent’s loss, is the native’s gains.

So, the day of receipt was Friday, governed by Venus; Sravanam star day ruled by Moon and the Rasi was Capricorn owned by Saturn which owns the 12th house of the opponent and it aspects the 12th house of the competitor.

As regards 7 ½ years Saturn, it is an incorrect statement. How many people, after waiting for a long number of years, get married during Sade – Sati! How many get into service only during Sade – Sati. How many bring forth children! Also how many gain by lottery, races speculations, prize bond etc. The astrologer who attributes any loss only to 7 ½ years of Saturn has not gained sufficient knowledge. So also his argument to Thritheeya Brahaspathi alone is to be considered.

As for transit, Saturn, the lord of 12 transited in the constellation of the lord of 11 to the opponent, Aquarius, i.e., it is auspicious to the native. Jupiter was in the constellation of Sun, lord of Lagna which is advantageous to the person. Sun was in its own constellation.

Hence one is to follow the stellar system and analyse by taking the 7th house as that of the competitor or opponent. Then alone correct result can be had.

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