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In love each moment of togetherness is a n experience of a 'expression' or state of mind' the it is LOVE . In all other cases it the LOVE between projections or a GIVE - TAKE / INVESTMENT/CONTRACT which will breed envy/jealousy/exploitation and happiness when desires met - it is NOT LOVE - the mind works - society functions - nothing more - it is deception and NOT LOVE . Love is compassion and a moments that cannot be described in words. Has anyone experienced it. Yes there are time of togetherness where one does but that becomes pleasure and we want to experience it each time making it a manipulative / worldly - that is forgetting of 'YOURSELF' but not love. Perhaps the first time is a moment of love/feel but then the mind manipulates and spoils it ---- corrupts it ------ - transaction becomes the key and then comes all other things of business.

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