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Know About Kalasarpa Yoga Part 2

Dr. Shanker Adawal

Part 2

The most powerful Western ruler of his time, he was beset by three great enemies – France, Protestantism and the Moslem Turks. His scattered possessions brought wars and problems as well as resources and money. He was too busy with wars to stave off Luther and the Protestants. He fought France in five wars – between 1525 and 1552 – and the last one was still raging after he retired and died. He suffered much misery and frustration owing of his Kalasarpa Yoga, and any dreams he had of a universal, unified Catholic empire, came to naught. His loose-joined confederacy could not become a true European hegemony. Weary, half sick and disheartened, he abdicted at the end of October 1555, dividing his possessions between hi son, Philip II, and his brother, Ferdinand I, who became Holy Roman Emperor. He retired to a house near a monastery in Spain, where he died on the last day of September 1558.

Another good example of a horoscope of chief of state is that of King Charles XII of Sweden, whose birth time was given in the recently published biography by R. M. Hatton.

The king was busily engaged in the battlefield during most of his reign (November 1697 to December 1718). Persia, Denmark, Norway, Poland and Russia all plotted against Sweden and in 1700 the Great Northern War was launched and ended only some two years at his death, with the Peace of Nystad (1721), which forced Sweden to relinquish nearly all her possessions. In July 1709, the entire Swedish army of 18,000 men was captured by Peter I (the Great) of Russia and Charles fled to Turkey, where he spent five years in exile and was then forced to leave. At his death in Norway on December 11, 1718 by an enemy bullet, Sweden was impoverished, many lives had been lost, her struggle for an empire ceased and she was no longer an important European country. The ambitions and futile wars, sometimes instigated by Charles himself, came to naught due to his Kalasarpa Yoga.

The horoscope of Louis Napoleon III of France furnishyes another instance where the head of state and his country suffer together owing to Kalasarpa Yoga in his horoscope. In his geniture you will notice that Rahu is above the horizon, both from the Lagna and Chandra Lagna.

He founded and wrecked the second Napoleonic empire. Like the preceding Charles V and Charles XII, he was a dreamer, had imperial ambitions for his county, but also had some good intentions. After he became Emperor on December 2, 1852, he got involved in several wars: tried to establish an empire in Mexico with his brother at the helm, only to see him assassinated; and was badly defeated by Persia in 1870. He was then required to abdicate in favour of a republic and went into exile in England, where he died  on January 9, 1873.

General John Churchill, 1st Duke of Mariborough, was not a chief of state, though through his wife, a great friend of Queen Anne, and through his son-in-law, the Lord High Treasurer, he wielded great influence and was virtual ruler of England from about 1702-10.

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