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Know About Kalasarpa Yoga Part 1

Dr. Shanker Adawal

Part 1

The Kalasarpa yoga is fairly common and is found in the natives of both great and small. It is, indeed, one of the most glaring and obvious Yogas or planetary pattern sin horoscopy. The author’s research on it, though limited, has led to the following conclusions:

(1) The yoga applies to mundane as well as personal horoscopes. In the mundane sense, it may be the nation’s horoscope or it may be the horoscope of the currently ruling chief of state (monarch, dictator, prime minister of president).

(2) The yoga is formed when all the five planets and two luminaries known to the ancients are enclosed on one side of the nodal axis; but it does not seem to matter if one or more planets are in conjunction with Rahu or Kethu, nor does it seem to matter if Rahu is above the horizon from the Lagna or Chandra Lagna.

(3) Rahu and Kethu have to do primarily with the family by bringing ruination of the family in personal horoscopes and ruination of the whole country (millions of families) in mundane horoscopes. Some might wonder how the lunar Nodes could affect or relate to the family. The explanation probably lies in the fact that the Nodes are involved in eclipses of the Sun and the Moon (father and mother, respectively) which are regarded as dreadful and malefic.

(4) In personal horoscopes of those with Kalasarpa Yoga, if the native is chief of state, he suffers loss of population or territory in wars. Or becomes involved in disputes, or is forced into exile. If not a chief of state, but married, he usually loses his spouse or one or more children. If unmarried, he suffers from delays, tensions, frustrations, increase of enemies, disputes with superiors, the professional life is unsteady, and he may become suddenly entrapped in unfortunate situations from which he cannot easily extricate himself. However, the yoga does not impair the mental faculties and probably has little effect on the physical health and longevity.

(5) The details of the yoga may be most keenly felt during the Rahu or Kethu Dasa or Bhukti, or when they transit the Ascendant, the Moon or the Sun. It appears, however, that the Yoga acts  more like a Nabhas Yogas – that is, its effects are felt generally throughout life.

An instance of Kalasarpa Yoga in a national horoscope is that of the Independence Chart of India. Since this chart and its effects are well known to readers, it will not be reproduce and commented on here.

An excellent illustration of Kalasarpa Yoga in the horoscope of a ruler is Charles V Emperor of the only Roman Empire (King Charles I of Spain).

The son of Philip I (the Handsome, Duke of Burgundy and Archduke of Austria, and of Joan (the mad), daughter of King Ferdinand II of Aragon and Isabella I of Castile, he inherited four major dynasties by age 19.

In 1504, his mother had inherited the throne of Spain, but an imbecile gone insane, she was unable to rule and so her father and husband assumed the regency until March 1516, when Charles became King. At the end of September 1506 his father  had died, leaving him Austria and the Hapsburg lands, Burgundy, Luxemburg, the Franche-Comte and Low Countries, with the right to contest for the Emperorship of the Holy Roman Empire. Through his mother, he received not only Spain, but Naples, Sardinia, Sicily and the Spanish-American colonies – Cuba, Mexico – from the Bay of Honduras along the shores of Darien and South America to the Rio de la Plata and Florida. In 1519, partially through bribes, he was elected Holy Roman Emperor over King Frances I of France, and also became “King of the Romans” (Germany).

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