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Tenth Bhava Falling in Different Signs Part 3

Dr. Shanker Adawal                                                                  

Part 3

The native earns his livelihood by dependence on the learned and the good, performance of religious rites and sacrifices, and work in institutions for the poor and in salt pits if Jupiter is the lord of the Navamsa, Religious discourses, law and justice, executive jobs in the government and banking business form other sources of income.

Venus, as Lord of the Navamsa, enables the native to live by trade in gems, silver and similar metals and cows and buffaloes. Dairy products, ornamental goods, dance, drama and fine arts, food, clothes and fair sex are some other ways of maintenance.

Tiresome journeys, cruel deeds (butchery), carrying loads and all hard labour fall to the lots of the native when Saturn happens to own the Navamsa of the 10th lord. Some attribute thieving and lying to this position of Saturn. Donkeys, camels, birds and buffaloes may from other sources of income.

The lord of the Navamsa of the owner of the 10th posited in a friendly sign shows gain of money through fiends and relatives. In an inimical sign through enemies; in his own sign by personal efforts, and in his exaltation sign through unexpected, easy means.

At this point, it will be interesting to ponder over a few Sutras of Jaimini on the subject. The planet posited in the Navamsa sign of Atmakaraka has been said to indicate the nature of the native’s profession.

The Sun in the Navamsa sign of Atmakaraka points to works of public utility. He may have close connections with the affairs of the State. If the full Moon and Venus combine in the Navamsa, the deep knowledge of the native will win him his sustenance. Jupiter shows a priest or one with a good knowledge of the Vedas and other religious texts. Mercury helps the native become a merchant or a weaver who will evince keen interested in matters political and social. A noted political leader is born when Venus and Atmakaraka associate in the Navamsa of the latter. The  native rises to a high status in society by untiring efforts if the combination of Saturn and Atmakaraka occurs in the Navamsa sign. He will follow the profession of his forefathers. The Moon and Jupiter falling together in the Navamsa sign of Atmakaraka or in the 5th sign reckoned from the Navamsa sign, indicate an author of many books. (He may also be a book-seller or a librarian). The native will be a or the 5th sign here from. Rahu and Atmakaraka in the Navamsa sign of the latter produce a clever thief or a dealer in poisons and such other hazardous chemicals.

The native will be one amongst the ruling authorities of the country if the Sun and Venus aspect the Navamsa sign of Atmakaraka. The native trades in cattle when the Sun aspected by Jupiter occupies the 10th sign counted from the Navamsa sign. An expert in making watches and clocks is made by Ketu posited in the 4th sign from the Navamsa. Rahu in that position makes the native clever in making or operating machines and instruments. The Moon posited in the Navamsa sign of Atmakaraka or in the 5th sign there from brings forth an expert musician the Sun a keen philosopher or a musician and Ketu a clever mathematician or an astronomer.

According to Sri Ganesa, the Navamsa of the lord of the 10th Bhava falling in a malefic sign does not attract any bad effect when the 10th lord gets posited in his own or exaltation sign or in the 10th Bhava itself.

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