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Tenth Bhava Falling in Different Signs Part 2

Dr. Shanker Adawal                                                                  

Part 2

Indications by planets endowed with all points of strength when they happen to be lords of he 10th or lords of Navamsas of the owners of the 10th.

The Sun: Highly authoritative jobs in the Government, Forest Department, Municipal Corporations, Civil Engineering (P.W.D.), Medicine-work connected with chemicals, architectural work, and work with metals, (business may also be included).

The Moon: Geological institutions (work connected with geology); electrical, mechanical and industrial engineering; military, police, jail; curing of diseases (medicine); trade in metals and weapons; cooking; railway engine driving, furnaces; labour forces, surgery.

Mercury: Printing presses, stationery, education department; literature, writing, book-keeping, clerical work, audit and accounts; newspaper work; oratory; music, dance, drama and cinema; law, merchandising; ambassadorial work; astrology; all types of engineering, crafts wood, etc.

Jupiter: Revenue Department, Treasury, banking, teaching, law and justice, Postal Department, work of priests, endowment boards, advisory councils, courts, temples and churches, advancement.

Venus: Railways; trade in gold, silver, gems: manufacturing or selling cosmetics and other ornamental articles; dance and drama troupes, music parties; customs; imports and exports; navy; foreign representatives; dealings with the fair sex; excise.

Saturn: Menial work, low cadre services, carrying loads, agriculture, physical and hard work of all kinds, theft; work in steel factories (foundaries), glass and tile factories; footwear factories and shops; carpentry, cleansing work.

Rahu and Ketu: Magic, circus companies, black arts, mesmerism and the like.

When the 10th from the Ascendant and the Moon are devoid of planets, the means of livelihood of the native will be indicated by the lords of the native will be indicated by the lords of the Navamsas of the planets owning the 10th from the Ascendant, the Sun and the Moon.

The native will have his livelihood by merchandising (1) different kinds of grass; grass used for thatching roofs, grass used for religious purposes, used as fodder for cattle, used for making mats, etc. 

(2) gold and articles of gold, and (3) blankets and clothes made of wool. He may maintain himself by dealing in medicines or by their administration when the Sun happens to be the Navamsa lord.

Works connected with nails, teeth and skins (ivory) and leather works); cruel deeds, military service, travels, government jobs, and aircraft may also be indicated.

The Moon as the Navamsa Lord makes the native do agricultural work, trade in conches, pearls, lotus flowers and the like, water-borne products and serve fair sex for a living.

Sugarcane (sugar factories), milk (dairy farms), clothes (textile mills), flowers (cosmetics and scents), sports and games, and cereals like paddy, etc., are represented by the Moon.

When the Navamsa is owned by Mars, the Native deals in metals like copper, lead, bell metal, silver and gold, and in sulphur and gunpowder ingredients. His work will be very near fire. He may be engaged in ammunition factories. Trade in weapons or use of them may also be his lot. Unmindful of time or place, he may enter into dangerous occupations. Making or selling ornaments may also be his work.

Military service, government jobs, land’ and agriculture and trade in woolen goods Brothers of the native are other sources of income pointed out by Mars.

Writing verses etc., astronomy, accountancy, fine arts like drawing and painting and sculptural work form the sources of income of the native when mercury owns the Navamsa of the 10th lord. The following items also may be noted:-ambassadorial work, research, teaching, and friends and relatives. Manufacture of machinery items, gambling, dance and drama and humorous act are also included by some authors.

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