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Predicting Means of Livelihood Part 1

Dr. Shanker Adawal                                                                  

Part 1

In this age the machine is written large in the horoscope of man. Mechanical progress, scientific ingenuity and advanced technology have liberated much of the energies of man leading to colossal achievements. Ruthless competition, commercialism, advertising and salesmanship, Ruthless competition, commercialism, advertising and salesmanship, excessive materialistic activity of mechanized industry and a hundred and odd economic, social and political superstructures of life have exposed myriad openings for employment. The seers of astrology who composed treatises on the science thousands of years ago when life was free from the fashionable fever of hectic nights and haggard days have not evidently thought of the medley of jobs in the modern civilized world. Complexity of professions assuming a more and more bewildering nature of late makes the lot of an astrologer of ordinary attainments and skill rather hard in pinpointing the exact means of livelihood. The problem gets further complicated when one sees a first-class M.A. in mathematics working as a store-keeper, a Chemistry M.Sc., as a police officer, an M.L. as a telephone inspector and a B.A., B.T. as a cashier.

A comparative study of the horoscope of 75 stenographers, 200 teachers (including primary school teachers and college lecturers), clerks and accountants has led me the firm conviction that it is not possible to fix by the application of principles enunciated in the texts. One thing can definitely be stated that it is not the 10th Bhava alone (nor the Navamsa Lord of the owner of the 10th nor the planets posited therein) that influences this aaspect. Natives having a malefic 10th nor the planets posited therein) that influences this aspect. Natives having a malefic 10th and those having malefic like Saturn and Mars in the 10th are commonly found in the teaching profession. Anyone who has studied astrology knows what part these planets play in education and teaching: Saturn, Mars and Rahu in the 10th or these planets owning the Navamsas of 10th lords, are very often found in the horoscopes of college lecturers, ministers, priests, doctors, I.A.S. others, clerks, drivers and servants.

Though it may be possible to frame rules (planetary combinations) for finding out a native’s profession from his chart by studying a number of horoscopes under each category, such rules may not always be found satisfactory when applied to other charts.

Though the problem bristles with difficulties, a learned astrologer, by his well directed logic and keen intelligence, can arrive at the sight of truth of course with a tolerable margin for error, if only he minutely examines the characteristics of the signs and their various divisions and of the planets and their flexible Karkathwas.

Like any other science, astrology too has its own limitations; it is the duty of those deeply interested in the science to increase its utility to society by earnest research and selfless efforts.

The principles for deducing the means of livelihood of a native from his horoscope as enunciated by a few great Acharyas are given below with guidelines in the light of my experience and study. Horoscopic illustrations, through ready and available, are omitted as in my earlier humble contributions to this worthy paper; because I am convinced by the study and practice of this science for more than three and a half decades, that comparisons in astrology are really odious. Even a smattering of the Vedas of which astrology forms a part, will enable one to understand that each man is distinctly separate from the other, an entity in himself. Thoughts from actions begetting experiences good or bad. No two heads think alike. As a corollary, their experiences have to be different though astrologically the two may be having identical horoscopes. The same directional influences under the same transitory positions of planets have been found producing different kinds of effects in two horoscopes identical in all respects. Therefore, each horoscope is to be handed quite independently of all others. The fact that a planet in a particular position in a chart has produced a certain pattern of effects does not bear out that the effects produced by the same planet identically placed in another chart would be the same.

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