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Astrology and Means of Livelihood Part 9

Dr. Shanker Adawal    
Part 9

Again, the role of man’s ability, his mental drive and physical dash also play significant roles in securing better means of livelihood. Astrology helps in throwing light on man’s innate abilities and this can guide a man in utilizing his hidden energies for constructive purposes. Three years back a gentleman approached me for consulting the birth chart of his son who had failed in Matriculation Examination, and showed no mood for studies. He wanted to know the means by which his son could earn his livelihood. With Scorpio rising, the chart showed the hidden potentiality of the boy’s mind in mechanical line since Saturn occupied the 10th house. The 10th house was aspected by Mercury and Venus posited in the 4th house. Jupiter, lord of learning, was indicating lack of higher education. But he aspected the 9th house where the Moon in his own sign was posited. I suggested that he should be given training in radio-mechanism. Accordingly, he was put under the care of a radio-mechanic, and today he is an efficient radio-mechanic.

I have observed that Mercury controls mental growth and when Mercury is associated with a Yogakaraka, it makes a person immensely intellectual. A strong Moon indicates a strong heart and strong Mars indicate physical stamina that is also needed in earning through tougher means of livelihood. The powerful Sun helps the native in mastering his environments, while strong Venus and Jupiter provide golden opportunities for the improvement of professional prospects. Strong Mars and Saturn ensure gains after grim struggle and in the teeth of opposition. Saturn is, of course, the initial retarder of one’s growth and puts handicaps and disappointments in the way of the seekers of livelihood, but Saturn has a wonderful capacity of endowing a person with a sense of infinite patience, an industrious and hard-working attitude that eventually is rewarding.

As to the problem of exploring extra means of income, it can be solved by closely studying the characteristics of planets related to the 10th and the 11th. Of course, the position of Lagna and its lord in relation to the planets should also be properly assessed for determining the degree of success in such ventures. Let me illustrate this with the help of a few charts with relevant planetary positions:

1. Sagittarius rising, the Moon is in the 10th house. Lord of the 10th Mercury is in the 8th. The native is a teacher of ordinary means. But he supplements his income by entering business partnership with his brother. This is due to the Sun (lord of the 9th), and Venus, lord of the 11th (brother) being placed in the 7th (house of partnership in business). As the Sun and Venus aspect Lagna, they assure success in business.

2. Pisces rising, Mars, Jupiter and Saturn are in the 7th house. The native is a physician with meager income. He supplements his income by performing of Shanti paths (religious ceremonies) for others. Mark the position of lord of the 10th, Jupiter, lord of the 11th, Saturn, in the 7th house along with Mars, lord of the 9th.

3. Cancer rising, the 10th house is occupied by Mercury. The native is a university teacher. Lord of the 9th (publication), Jupiter, is in the 7th house aspecting Lagna. He supplements his income by writing books. Venus, lord of the 11th, is in the 11th. This assures steady flow of income.

4. Kumbha rising, the 10th house is occupied with Jupiter, lord of the 11th. It is aspected by Saturn from the 4th house. The native is a confectioner. He supplements his income through speculation. Lord of the 10th, Mars, is in the 5th house.

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