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About The Tenth Bhava Part 7

Dr. Shanker Adawal                                                                  

Part 7

The interpretation of these is quite difficult. If the lord of the Navamsa is placed in a friendly house, the outcome of the avocation will be substantial and in a very agreeable manner, while the reverse will be the case in inimical houses. The financial; affluence will, however, depend on the circumstances of the lords of Lagna, the 2nd, the 11th and the planets placed therein.

A more accurate picture of the particular avocation can be obtained by an examination of the  nature of the sign, in which the 10th falls. That will show the line of greatest success and natural aptitude.

The airy signs Mithuna (Gemini), Thula (Libra), Kumbha (Aquarius) show intellectual pursuits, headwork, literary and artistic occupations.

The watery signs (Karkataka (Cancer), Vrischika (Scorpio) and Meena (Pisces) show occupations in which water is the motive power of chief element, dealers in soft drinks, textile goods and fabrics, sailors, brewers, chemists.

The fiery signs Mesha (AriesA), Simha (Leo) Dhanus (Sagittarius), indicate employments concerned with fire, iron and metals, metallurgy, extraction of ores, utilizing electric energy, industrial concerns, surgeons, military equipments, etc.

The earthly signs Vrishabha (Taurus), Kanya (Virgo), Makara (Capricorn), show manual labour, digging and excavation, agricultural pursuits, fodder and corn dealers, dealers in the produce of the soil in the various forms and kinds.

In the tabular statement of the 3rd column gives the person through whom avocation is secured. It should be intelligently interpreted and hence requires some clarification.

Father indicates that the native pursues the father’s line of profession or continues his father’s undertaking or follows any profession where heredity is an important claim or has added preference in selection.

Mother applies as above, in a redirected sense. It may mean riches inherited from the mother on which he builds his avocation.

Enemies: Realised as a result of keen competition, litigation, defeat in contest or war.

Other sources are clear and required no explanation.

It will be better at this stage to illustrate these principles with a concrete case., Here is a horoscope of Mr. K.

Lord of the 10th from Lagna is Saturn: he is placed in the Navamsa of Jupiter. The native is employed in the leading bank, now nationalized. The fact that the Sun and Mercury aspect the Lagna shows that it is a commercial bank. The native is fully qualified with banking and commerce degrees, Lord of the 10th is placed in Makara, which denotes seaside; actually he is employed at a seaport-town. The Sun is placed in the 10th from the 10th; actually the father and son were employed in the same bank. The 10th is an airy sign, denoting that the native has to apply his intelligence meticulously anticipating erratic business changes. The 10th has the effect of four planets Rahu, Kuja (Mars), Kethu and Jupiter. This means that he has to work among people of various castes and natioinalities, Hindus, Parsees, Gujaraties, Goanese, etc.

It may be argued that from a known result, one may be able to find out the astrological justification. But I still hold that by an unbiased and faithful application of the principles given above, we should be able to get at the true description of the avocation.

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