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About The Tenth Bhava Part 6

Dr. Shanker Adawal                                                                  

Part 6

(Jupiter, the Sun, Mercury and Saturn), prescribed by our ancient Rishis. Karma is, therefore, not merely avocation but is a more comprehensive term. Among the various significations of the Karma Bhava, the most important ones are:

(2) Charitable endowments

(1) Status and position } Jupiter

(3) Domain of influence

(4) Fame and name } the Sun

(5) Business, arts and crafts, commerce } Mercury

(6) Trade, service in its various forms } Saturn

This is only based on the Gita tenet.

Chaturvarnyam mayasrishtam GunaKarma vibhagashah

The basis of the caste system is their intrinsic nature and qualities:-
The intellectual class represented by Jupiter, the ruling class represented by the Sun, the mercantile class represented by Mercury and the serving class represented by Saturn.
Jupiter’s Influence makes one become a peace-maker, high judicial officer, an establisher of right conduct, right action and right Demeanour, highly religiously attained, a philosopher, a philanthropist, a financier, a banker, etc.

The Sun’s influence gives rulership of a country, land, provinces, district, etc., royal position and dignities, service under the State (what we generally call government service), administrator, a maintainer of law and order, enforcement of commands.

Mercury’s Influence: business acumen, commerce and trade, all systems of communications, conveying of messages, embassy and diplomatic missions, trade agreements and establishment of trade conventions, and lastly.

Saturn’s influence gives one leadership in labour organizations, trade unions, service under another in various capacities, expert in work and extracting work from others.

These clues will be useful to find out whether an individual will be able to fulfil a specific assignment. Unless that particular indicator is strong and not rendered weak, he will not b e able to do so. For example, if the 10th house no connection with Jupiter and as also its lord or if Jupiter is not strong and well-placed, the religious, etc., nature will be totally absent. Similarly these clues throw a lot of light on the subject-matter.

Now coming to the subject-matter, Brihat Jataka has devoted one chapter “Karma Jeeva Adhyaya” for this purpose. The guiding planet is the planet placed in the 10th from the Moon or Lagna; also find out who is the strongest among the three the Sun, the Moon of Lagna. From that mark the 10th lord and find out in whose Navamsa he is placed. This last planet will give the nature of the avocation of the native. It is, however, very difficult-if not impossible-to describe the exact nature of avocation in these present days when jobs are many and openings out of count. But still all these could be brought down under one or the other of the indications given below. Please study the table given below:-

S. No.
Through Whom
Straw, grass, coir, gold, gems, fertilizers, medicine, etc.
Agriculture, sea products, aquatic articles, machinery, dairy products, ladies’ dress and fittings, depending on or in company of ladies.
Industrial workshops, mining operations, smelting process, weapons, military equipments, electrical installations, forgeman, involving keen competition.
Uncle Friend
Literary activities, accountants, business, commerce, auditors, mathematics, astrologers, scribes, poets and authors, engineering, designing and architectural works.
Relations Children
Brahminical life, religious organization, clergy and monasteries, dispenser of law, financier, versatility, dealer in gold and other valuables and generally one who lives by his knowledge and attainments.
Wife, Ladies
Dealers in jewels, gems, silver, fats, dairy products, soap and perfumes, stage, dancing and songsters, flowers and generally those who live on the wealth.
Manual work, causing cruelty to others including animals-service in various forms stone-cutting employment in quarry, hotel keeper, cooks, barbers and butchers.

(N.B. The list is not exhaustive but only indicative or illustrative.)

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