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About The Tenth Bhava Part 2

Dr. Shanker Adawal                                                                  

Part 2

The combination of the lord of the 10th with Mars shows a military captain or a soldier in the army. In association with Mercury, the 10th lord makes the native a writer or a journalist or an astronomer or astrologer or a clerk. Girls and women may also picture in his ways of making a livelihood. With Mercurial connections the lord of the 10th points to mercantile occupations. The native earns for his living through religious discussions, priest-craft and through men of knowledge when the 10th lord associates with Jupiter. The connection of the 10th lord with Venus shows the ruler of a State (Governor, Minister or President). The native with this combination may also have earnings through women, cows, elephants. Horses, gold. Precious stones, and pearls. When strong Mars and the lord of the 4th join in a Kendra or a Trikona or the 11th Bhava the lord of the 10th associated with or aspected by Venus and the Moon points to agricultural pursuits. Life in a forest (secluded life), a thieving nature, trade in timber and trees and gain from the low class people are the effects of the combination of the 10th lord and Saturn. Work in furnaces or with fire and steam engines, making vessels with metals and running hotels and lodgings are shown by Mars and Rahu or Ketu falling together in the 10th or when they combine with the lord of the 10th. This combination also makes magicians, experts in black arts, dealers in poisonous materials and physicians skilled in poison cure. When Jupiter and Venus are associated with malefic, a malefic lord of the 10th Bhava posited in the 6th, the 8th or the 12th shows unrighteous means of livelihood of the native.

A. Indications by Planets in the 10th Bhava from the Ascendant or the Moon

The Sun: Executive jobs with authority and power (also different kinds of jobs).

Mars: Hasty or rash actions, military service, high cadre jobs with authority: thieving and hunting too.

Mercury: Head of a corporation leader-ship in society, etc., mechanical arts, writing, public speaking, gambling.

Jupiter: Government jobs especially administrative and judicial, teaching (different kinds of employment).

Venus: All arts and sciences, government jobs, litigation.

Saturn: Menial jobs and agriculture. But Saturn in the 10th has been said to make the native bold in the use of weapons. He gets wealth by engaging labour to carry out different works. Ministerial or magisterial services, army captains, heads of corporations or states are also pointed out by Saturn in the 10th. According to some authors, the position of Saturn in the 10th yields the same effects as the Sun in the 10th.

B. Planetary Combinations in the 10th Bhava from the Moon

Sun-Mars: Astrology, Lakshana (omens) Sastra, general clerical jobs in finance and administrative departments.

Sun-Mercury: Mercantile occupations, boat service, shipping companies, agriculture, trade in pearls, salt.

Sun-Jupiter: Posts of power and authority amongst the ruling authorities.

Sun-Venus: Dependence on one’s own people and fair sex. Dealings with government.

Sun-Saturn: Menial service. Low cadre clerks, attenders etc.

Mars-Mercury: Use of arms and instruments; audit and accounts; knowledge of sciences.

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