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About The Tenth Bhava Part 1

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Part 1

At the outset, the strength of the Ascendant and the Moon-sign is to be determined. The 10th Bhava from the stronger of the two is said to indicate the means of livelihood. The source of earnings is also pointed out by the strong planet(s) placed in the selected 10th Bhava. If no planets occupy the 10th, the profession may be determined by the lord of the 10th itself according to its strength. In the absence of planets in the 10th, the occupation of the native may be known, as stated by an author, from the planet in the Ascendant, from the planets aspecting the Sun and the Moon and from the planets falling on either side of the Sun or the 10th. Generally, malefics occupying all the Kendras in a chart show undesirable means of livelihood while benefic planets point out honourable and lucrative professions. A benefic 10th lord, a benefic 10th lord aspected by or associated with a benefic planet or such a 10th lord with a benefic Navamsa-all these point to highly authoritative occupations and fat incomes.

If the Sun is posited in the 10th. The native gets wealth from father, the Moon from mother, Mars enemies, Mercury relatives, Jupiter brothers, Venus wife or sisters, and is Saturn from servants. The source of income is said to be from father when the benefic lord of the 10th get the connections of the Sun. The lord of the 10th occupying the 4th or the 9th when the Sun is debilitated, indicates wealth from mother. Mars points out gain from brothers when he associates with the lord of the 10th or gets posited in the 10th. The combination of the lord of the 6th with Mars in the 10th gives enemy’s earnings. Association of Mercury with the lord of the 10th or his position in the 10th indicates money from friends; Jupiter under similar conditions points to wealth from ruling authorities, Venus wealth from wife, Saturn from other people or servants and Rahu and Ketu wealth from low class people. If two planets fall in 10th Bhava, money is said to accrue through both the sources indicated by the planets during their Dasas. If many planets come to be posited in the 10th, gain of money may happen during the Dasas of all the planets.

An exalted 10th lord enables the native to gain his sustenance by honourable ways with minimum effort while a debilitated one subjects the native to despicable means and hard labour. The combination of the 10th lord with Saturn in a Kendra or a malefic Navamsa aspected by the lord of the 8th points to unpleasant jobs. Heinous work, occasional employments and a miserable life are the results of a malefic in the 10th aspected by another malefic when the lord of the 10th is weak.

The position of the Lord of the 10th in the 4th shows education, knowledge, vehicles and fame. The friendly relation of the lords of the 4th and the 10th assures maternal wealth and good earnings by his knowledge. The native may come by hidden treasure or unexpected wealth when the Lords of the 4th and the 10th fall in their own or exaltation signs coinciding with highly favourable Bhavas. A strong lord of the 10th Bhava in the 5th gives the native wealth from father and sons and aids him to earn a lot by his intelligence. Easy money flows to the native if lords of the 10th and the 5th are sufficiently strong and well posited. The native gets his enemy’s wealth when the lord of the 10th is placed in the 6th Bhava which agrees with his own or exaltation sign. The placement of the 10th lord in the 7th or his association with the lord of the 7th shows gain of wealth from wife. The native gets exceedingly rich by his righteous actions and through his elders and preceptors when the 10th lord is posited in the 9th agreeing with his exaltation, own or friendly sign. A rich and happy life with a good name is indicated by the position of a strong lord of the 10th in the 2nd or the 11th as also in Kendras or Thrikonas. The association of the 9th and 10th lords in the 12th shows that the native spends a lot on laudable causes. The native will have highly lucrative positions in the government if the lord of the 10th combines with the Sun or the Moon or gets posited in the sign owned by one of them.

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