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Profession and Bhrigu Nadi Technique Part 3

Dr. Shanker Adawal                                                                  

Part 3

Placement of Sun, Moon or Mercury in the 8th from Saturn would signify that he would not be successful in matters related to Sun (government job), Moon (dealing with liquids) and Mercury (dealing with paper or brokerage). I am giving this example to explain as to how planets placed in the 8th house from Saturn will not be effective in their kartatwas.

However, while analyzing one should not be taking into account only planets which are 8th to Saturn but also other planets which are favourably disposed. A strong Jupiter placed in 11th from Saturn is a blessing. Similarly, Venus placed 11th to Saturn is an excellent thing to have. So, while analyzing the strength with respect to profession in terms of native’s horoscope one should also the planets which are placed 11th from Saturn and then make a judgment holistically.

In the Bhrigu Nadi Technique, while analyzing profession the house where Saturn is placed should be taken as the ascendant for determining the career path of the native. Saturn stays in a house for a period of 30 months.

What we need to do that after taking Saturn as the ascendant and as explained above, we first need to understand the intrinsic strength of Saturn as explained above. The next thing is to rotate Saturn in the subsequent houses where roughly it has a period of two and a half years in each house. While rotating Saturn in each house for a period of two and a half years and analyzing the aspects in each rotated house, one can predict for a period of 30 months as to what is in store for the native but not to lose sight of the basic Saturn taken as ascendant and that depicts roughly the first 30 months depending upon the degrees of the basic foundation with respect to career.
After 30 months, Saturn moves to the next house and for the next 30 months the basic strength has to be analysed in the same way. Example; if you are born with the Saturn in Scorpio than the first 30 months would depend on Saturn’s strength in Scorpio aspects etc. as explained above, and the next 30 months would be Saturn rotated in Sagittarius and its strength/aspects which it gets when it is in Sagittarius.

Thereafter, as explained, the 30 months with respect to profession can be analysed by rotating Saturn in the 12th houses and analyzing in terms of the sign, aspect, planets in 2nd and 12 to it and the depositor. For more accurate predictions, one needs to see the Saturn as it moves in each degree the Nakshatras through which it passes and its impact on the current transiting position of the planets which have to be super imposed on the natal horoscope which would change as Saturn is rotated. This is not complexed but I would like to end this chapter here and would like the Readers to analyse profession by taking Saturn as the ascendant and the theory of rotation as explained above. I would be delighted to discuss and answer queries of those who want to get into the details of this aspect. (Please also see the below Chapter on Nakshatras and Professions).

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