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Nakshatras and Professions Part 1

Dr. Shanker Adawal  
Part 1

Various Nakshatras signify different professions. These were not discussed earlier so as not to confuse the readers. The effect of Nakshatras is definite and important and their impact should always be studied. While determining the profession most suited to a native remember the following points:
(1) See the professions signified by the native’s Janma Nakshatra.

(2) See in which Nakshatra the tenth lord is placed.

(3) See the Nakshatra in which the Bhava Madhya of the 10th house falls.

The above studied along with rules already discussed earlier show the type of profession a native is likely to take.

(1) Ashwini: Doctors, service in factory, police, military, Surgery, Jails, Machinery, Trading in Wool, Ghee, Rice, Iron, Steel, Horse dealers etc.

(2) Bharani: Entertainment Industry, Chemists, Tobacco, Music, Silk, Automobiles, Fertiliser Industry, Veterinary Doctors, Revenue and finance department, agriculturist, Civil Engineers, trading in chillies, Medicine, Facial creams, oils etc.

(3) Krittika: Gains from landed property, share brokers, speculators, military, police, defense equipment, Jewellery, artists, revenue officers, traders in Rubies, Sesame, Oil seeds, Barley, Dry Fruits etc.

(4) Rohini: Hoteliers, Restaurants, Bakeries, Automobiles, Petrol, Milk, Dairy Farms, Scents, Perfumes, Sugar, Sugarcane, Colours, Dyes, Traders in Bananas, Citrus Fruits, Silver, Pearls, Garments, Food grains etc.

(5) Mrigasira: Mechanical Engineers, Electrical Goods, Surgeons, Telegraph, Press, Defense, Brokers Trading in Aquatic products, Flowers, ivory products, Hunting equipment & Weapons etc.

(6) Ardra: Marketing professionals, salesmen, pilots transport & communication industry, explorers, journalists, finance brokers, traders in sandal, salt, oils, furnaces, cooking wares etc.

(7) Punarvasu: Physicians, priests, statisticians, Astrologers, Teachers, Bankers, Sailors, Midwife, Judge, Traders in Gold and Silver, Silk and cotton, Grains and Juices etc.

(8) Pushya: Petroleum products, Chemicals, Coal, Landed property, excavations, traders in oil, underground products, Chemicals, Gold, Turmeric, Asafetida, Silver, ghee, Rice Salt, Butter, Banana, Cane and Fruit Juices etc.

(9) Ashlesha: Salesmen, Managing Directors, Agents, Writers, Journalists, Nurses, Paints, Auditors, Traders in silver, Mercury, Emerald, Sugar Candy, Green and Juicy Vegetables, Grass and Water Animals.

(10) Magha: Chemical and drug industry, Lawyers, imitation jewellery, Government Service, Doctors, Surgeons, Traders in Grains, Jaggery, Ghee, Edible Oil, Electrical appliances, Electronics etc.

(11) Poorva Phalguni: Government Service, Civil servants, transport industry, Radio, Music, Wireless, Automobile, Animal husbandry, professors, traders in wood, silk, clothes, grains, diamonds, silver, gold, watery pearls etc.

(12) Uttara Phalguni: Astrologers, Tantriks, astronomers, Mathematicians, Employees in state health department, newspapers, diplomats, telephone companies, traders in rubies, garlic, rock salt, sunflower, optical medicines, spectacles, lentils etc.

(13) Hasta: Tantriks, Scholars, Salesmen, commerce, Communication, Post, Ink and paints, artists, ambassador, messenger, shipping industry, traders in camphor, Scent, perfumes, sandal, silver, rubber gloves etc.

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