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What is Adhi Yoga in Astrology?

astrology GIFWhen I had just passed my B.A. honours examination my father took me with him to an astrologer, familiarly known as Singapore Jotishar. He was a real Tejaswi, in the traditional way putting on kumkum mark on his forehead but he used to chew paan and tobacco frequently. My father showed him my horoscope, given below, and asked him will he come up and shine well in life?” He gazed at the horoscope, just for five minutes, and replied “What?” This is a good horoscope with Chandraadhi Yoga which is a Raja Yogas and which is unpolluted. Budha, Guru and Shukra are in the 6th and the 7th houses from the Moon and they are not combust. They are not spoiled by malefic planets especially they are not eclipsed by Rahu or Ketu. He is surer to come up very well and reach very high positions in life.” The chart is as follows:

Mark Mercury in the 6th house from the Moon. Guru is in the 7th house from the full Moon and Venus is retrograde in the 6th house from the Moon. Later, only I studied law, after M.A. degree and I passed B. L.

When I studied law, at the instance of my maternal grandfather who had financed me for this course for enlistment as an advocate. I consulted Sr. Kavassery Subrahmania Sastrigni who used to practice astrology from the small frontal room in a house in Lingichetty street, Madras while his family was in his native place near Palghat. He also predicted a high position quoting Brihat Jatakam sloka as follows:

Soumyaih Smarrari Nidhaneshwadhi Yoga Indo

Stasmeemschamoopa sachiva kahitipa Bala Janma

Sampatta soukhya vibhavaa Hata Satravascha

Deerghaayusho Vigat a roga Bhayaascha Jeetaah.

Neither the Singapore Jotishar nor Sri K. Subrahmania Sastrigal referred to or relied on the 9th and the 10th houses and the strength of the lord of the 10th house. As I had picked up some knowledge of astrology, by that time. I asked the Sastrigal how he could predict high position in life for me when Saturn, the lord of the 10th house, was relegated to the 12th (hidden) house. He replied since Saturn was in Meena (Pisces) it had the good aspect of exalted Jupiter, the 9th lord. But he explained that, apart, Adhi Yoga is a very important Yoga and it has alone capable of conferring very high position.

According to Brihat Jataka, Adhi Yoga is a Rajaj Yoga especially when it is caused by the Moon who was powerful and who was aspected by exalted Jupiter. This was also the view of Kalyana Varma of Saravali concurring with the views expressed by Varaha Mihira. Adhi Yoga gives the native long life, health, freedom from ailments or disability, power to overcome cruel enemies and to be a king or a Senadhipati or a Mantri of Nyayadheesh. The exalted placement of Jupiter always magnifies Adhi Yoga. Adhi Yoga can also be formed in relation to the ascendant.

The principle is that all the four benefits namely full Moon, Mercury, Venus and Jupiter are or should be involved in the formation of Adhi Yoga to make the Yoga fully effective and powerful. But if the Moon is weak and or is not well placed then the effect of Adhi Yoga will not so beneficial as it should otherwise be. Another classical text defines Adhi Yoga in a slightly different way in which it says that Adhi Yoga becomes useless if Chandra is placed in the 6th the 8th or the 12th house from the ascendant in spite of Budha, Guru and Shukra being in the 6th the 7th or the 8th from the ascendant. This is perhaps Yoga Bhanga or cancellation of the beneficial power of Yogas. The effect of Adhi Yoga will be totally diluted.

Mahadeva, in Jataka Tatwa, says that benefit Mercury, Venus and Jupiter should all be necessary for the 6th, the 7th or the 8th from the Moon for a native to become a Senadhipathi, Mantri or King’s Counsel. Further, the strength of the Yoga will depend upon the strength of all the planets. Kumaara Swamiyam, a Tamil work, says that Guru or Jupiter must not be in the 8th house from the Moon but preferably it should be in the 7th house from the Moon for the formation of an effective and beneficial Adhi Yoga.

Another important point is that all the three benefits namely Mercury, Venus and Jupiter together in the 6th or the 7th house also cause Adhi Yoga in which event they better stay in friendly houses alone.
A question arises whether Adhi Yoga is constituted when only 2 out of 3 benefic planets are in the 6th, the 7th or the 8th houses from the Moon or the ascendant. The fact remains that for constituting a strong, beneficial and useful Adhi Yoga all the three benefits must be there in the 6th, the 7th or the 8th houses from the Moon or the ascendant.

I know some Kerala astrologers and even others who overlook Adhi Yoga or ignore it. This is not correct. Adhi Yoga is one of the best Yogas and it raises a man from very ordinary circumstances to dazzling heights. But it is one of the most difficult Yogas to be easily interpreted; and unless the astrologer possesses expertise thorough knowledge and Vak siddhi he will prove a failure in interpreting Yogas. Intuitive ability and capacity to assess the planets properly are both a must to evaluate the strength of Adhi Yoga from its correct perspective.

Dr. Shanker Adawal
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