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What is Vishnu Yoga in Hindu Astrology?

108 GIFConstituents: Vishnu yoga is caused if the lords of Navamsa’s which the 9th Lord is placed and the 10th lord joins the 2nd house in conjunction with the 9th lord.
Fruits: The native subject to other combinations in the horoscope is likely to lead and enjoyable life and reap the following fruits:

Acquire fortunes from various countries,
Earn in crores (reasonably large turnover and profits).

Will be strong physically and mentally,
Witty in conversations,
Worshipper of Lord Vishnu,

Capable of getting awards from the Government and also praised from the Government,
Long life up to 100 years-mostly free from disease.

Our View:
But, it is possible that all the results may not happen but the native may enjoy most of the blessings of Vishnu Yoga. Astrologically, Navamasha in which the 9th Lord is place plays an important part in the formation of this yoga. Yoga is expected to operate through out life if the Navamsa Lord happens to be the strongest planet (having the need quantity of shadbala). Where the lord of Navamsa occupied by the 9th Lord happens to be Saturn not having much strength (debilitated Saturn), the yoga would operate with certain restrictions.

It is for the Astrologer to judge the strength of the planet forming Vishnu Yoga. Be that as it may, combination of the 9th lord and 10th lord itself constitutes a powerful Raj Yoga. If this occurs in the 2nd house, combined with the Namamas Lord would indeed amount powerful Dhan Yoga and Raj-yoga.

In this horoscope, the horoscope belonging to high ranking influential man, Vishnu Yoga did not work well because of Rahu in the 2nd house though Lord of 9th Venus in Taurus Amsa and Lord of this Amsa is again Venus. He is the 2nd house along with the 10th Lord and he himself happens to be the 9th Lord.

However, Vishnu Yog is more pronounced in the following chart. Venus happens not only be the lord of 10th house but also lord of Navamsa occupied by 9th Lord Mercury. Both Mercury and Venus are in the 2nd. With huge earnings, the native almost enjoyed all the blessings of Vishnu Yoga.
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