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Why Yogas (Special Combinations) Fail? Part 1

Dr. Shanker Adawal

Part 1

Of all the beneficial Yogas, Gajakesari finds a prominent place in ancient astrological chronicles. It has been highly extolled by our Rishis and Munis. Brihat Samhita, Brihat Jataka, Phaladeepika, Uttarakalamrita- all are praise for this “extraordinary Yoga”. And there is no gainsaying the fact that Gajakesari has certainly served as a backbone in many a successful nativity. Varaha Mihira, the celebrated author of Brihat Samhita, says that this Yoga is caused by Jupiter and the Moon being disposed in mutual Kendras as a result of which one gets “respect from relations, constructs buildings and has lasting fame”. The founding father of astrology, Parasara, goes a step further and gives a somewhat different but elaborate definition of the Yoga. According to him “Jupiter in a Kendra from the ascendant or the Moon aspected by or associated with benefics, not combust and not occupying a debilitated or inimical place, gives rise to Gajakesari Yoga”. Result: “…endowed with magnetic appearance and high character, wealthy, intellectual and favourite or rulers…” Mark Parasara’s words “Jupiter in a Kendra from the ascendant or the Moon aspected by the or associated with benefics, not combust and not inimical…” Gajakesari is supposed to give long life and bestow all that is good of the material and the spiritual world.

Certainly this Yoga must prove beneficial as Jupiter represents all that is good in and beyond this world. So is the Moon, another natural benefic. “Jupiter, the divine planet, is the symbol of a realm of human experiences which take individualized conscience away from the problems of one’s own self Jupiter is the planet for extending one’s personality to great causes and organizations, natural, cultural, social and religious…” (Jyotish Mahachayan).

Dr. B. V. Raman, the doyen of modern astrology, is of the opinion that Gajekesari, caused from Chandra Lagna (natal Moon), is more powerful than the one obtaining from Janma Lagna (ascendant), In one of his masterly articles, he has said: “…Though according to Parasara, Gajakesari could be caused by Jupiter occupying a Kendra either from the ascendant or the Moon, but we are of the view that more lasting effects…” True. Chandra Lagna has added importance in Hindu Astrology, and this is one of the reasons why transit of planets Kesari is counted from the Moon alone and never from Lagna. It seems the advice of the founding father has fallen on deaf ears and Varaha Mihira’s utterances are given credence.

There is another Yoga, caused again, by two natural benefics Jupiter and the Moon and this goes under the name of Sakata Yoga. This Yoga has been condemned by the ancient as well as modern savants. The Moon 6th/8th (Shadashtaka) or 1st/12th (Dwi-Dwadash Dosha) with mighty Jupiter is said to produce this Yoga. As the name implies, Sakata means “immense troubles and tortures, failures, set-backs, ups and downs, misery, misfortune, anxiety, etc.”

There is yet another combination which too has been criticized bitterly. It is the association of the Moon with malefics such as Saturn, the Dragons, the Sun or Mars. Under this combination, it is said, only cheats and cut-throats are produced.

However, the facts are otherwise. It has been observed that sometimes nativities with Gajakesari Yoga have lagged behind and persons with Sakata Yoga or the Moon under malefic pressure have marched headlong in life. Finger through Notable Horoscopes of Dr. B. V. Raman and you will be surprised to see numerous celebrities with Sakata Yoga. True, the condition of planets responsible for causing Sakata Yoga may be somewhat different in Navamsa and other charts. But, Sakata Yoga is glaring in the birth chart.

A Delhi-based astrology of international fame told me the other day (of course, in a lighter vein) that he has found Gajakesari Yoga generally in the birth charts of rickshaw pullers. I have found it in the horoscopes of taxi drivers also.

The sevants claim that Gajakesari Yoga in birth chart is capable of lifting a person from scratch to sky. “It sweep away all that is bad in a horoscope. How is it then that it has failed miserably in many cases as explained below. On the other hand, it is emphasized that one with Sakata Yoga if born in a high family will have to take out his days miserably. Interestingly, there are several eminent personalities with glaring Sakata Yoga in birth chart who have enjoyed from cradle to the grave the very best of both the words. Gajakesari has failed miserably whereas Sakata has ruled the roost.
It is not my intention to underestimate the hard labour and intuition of our revered masters. But, certainly something is wrong somewhere. May be we are not able to understand the language of our ancestors or, we interpret them unintelligently.

Perhaps what the visionaries of yore meant was that Yogas of birth chart should be confirmed with the Yogas in shadvargas especially with Navamsa – the king of all charts. But, generally we fail to do it.
Now, let us analyse unbiasedly the horoscope of Pt. Nehru (14-11-1889). Was his contribution less than anyone? Wasn’t he popular and successful? There is glaring Sakata Yoga  in his birth chart. He had complete Kalasarpa Yoga also. Then how is it that he rose to such great eminence? If we are to believe Sakata Yoga then he should not have gone so high. Besides, these unfavourable Yogas, Nehru’s nativity had Malva Yoga too with retrograde Saturn (equivalent to exaltation) and Mars powerfully posited in the 3rd house.

Take the case of indomitable Sardar Vallabhbhai Patel (31-10-1875). This too containsSakata Yoga. In addition, two great luminaries, the Sun and the Moon are in debilitation. Jupiter though in Kendra (angle) from the ascendant is associated with malefics – a debilitated planet, and the whole combination in the 7th house is under the 10th aspect of Saturn. Kalasarpa Yoga is also present. With such a so-called bad combination, the Sardar rose so high. Perhaps, no one has beaten his record, so far as his courage and principles are concerned. Mark Sasa, Ruchaka and Malva Yogas with Budha-Aditya and Raja Yoga.

Dr. Shanker Adawal

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