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Astrology and the Doctrine of Karma Part - 3

Astrology and the Doctrine of Karma Part - 3

Dr. Shanker Adawal

A Rahu-Moon association on the other hand is more problematic. Phobias developed in childhood (as a result of past Karma), plague one all through life. Wrong mental habits of previous lives channel deep grooves in the consciousness of the person that it would be seemingly impossible for him to get hold of his thinking. In watery signs there is emotional insecurity and attempts to get love and affection would be by trying to attract as much attention as possible. In intellectual signs there is normally a razor-sharp intellect but the person will be lacking in the ability to understand and appreciate other people’s emotions. In earthy signs a Rahu-Moon conjunction (or opposition) leads to a tremendous lust for either earning money or achieving power. In fiery signs there is dissatisfaction with everything and everybody that life becomes unbearable. Beneficial aspects, preferably Jupiter’s trinal aspect, point to a spiritual awakening and consequent release of the mind from its deep rooted phobias and complexes. Meditation, japa and pranayama would help in catalyzing this spiritual awakening.

A Moon-Mars association gives a restless mind, a sharp temper and problems arising there from. The pain caused by this inner restlessness is one that only the afflicted person can understand. Benefic aspects suggest that with appropriate remedial measures this restlessness can be channeled into constructive actions. Bad aspects on the other hand would immobilize a person with false fears.

It is thus that major Karmic afflictions affect the mind and then the mind destroys the person. In Karmic astrology the study of the 5th house is as important as the study of the Moon. Interestingly enough the 5th house is not only the sign ruling the intellect but also the “Poorva-punyasthana”. In a way it symbolizes a persons animal impulses (or the momentum of the Karma brought with him) – things that one would enjoy doing most or would gravitate to if he were not restrained by social, moral and spiritual considerations. Evil planets in the 5th can give extremely dangerous thought which would break out into forbidden action in the absence of a good, strong 9th house.

Consider, for example, an individual with Mars in the 5th house. In the undeveloped case (that is in the absence of benefic aspects or associations) the person feels frustrated because constantly feels he should be doing something other than what he is. There is, further, a lack of willingness to lean because of feelings of superiority. The native can overcome this Karma by reviewing his thinking and realizing how all his discontent is caused by himself. And that his superiority complex does nothing useful. Contrast this with the situation of Saturn in the 5th house. This is a specially strong indication of intense Prarabdha Karma. The Person has to shoulder tremendous responsibility but he always seeks to escape from it. It is as if the more freedom he seeks, the more responsibility he gets. The Karmic lesson in this case is to realize that the person is destined to shoulder responsibility and there is no getting away from it. Thus realization would enable the person to find joy in doing his duty.

Final liberation is one of the things that is extremely difficult to prognosticate. Varaha Mihira mentions Jupiter’s exaltation or situation in Pisces as one of the indications of Moksha. Another combination pointing to the same result is the situation of all planets in Jupiter’s amas. These are by no means exhaustive. We can only conclude that since “self knowledge” leads to liberation and since no planet indicates wisdom more than Jupiter a sine-quo-non for God-realisation is the presence of a strong, well placed and unafflicted Jupiter in a horoscope. That is, Jupiter’s aspect is considered as a saving grace capable of warding off all evil.

There are various other Karmic indicators, too numerous even to list. But suffice it to say that Saturn is the planet of fate which sets definite bounds to our efforts and that Jupiter is the planet of good fortune not clearly attributable to merit or luck.

Astrology and Karma are therefore inter-related. Astrology reveals the consequence of our actions which we do not remember in this life and are untraceable in this birth. The result of our unknown actions is what we call `fate’ or adrishta. The law of Karma therefore indicates cause and effect relationship.

Thus astrology can be a valuable aid in not only knowing our past Karma and its present implications but also a guide in achieving final liberation. The charge of astrology being fatalistic is an ill-founded charge which has neither scriptural nor scientific sanction behind it. We can only conclude that astrology as Jyotisha (the science of electromagnetic energy) and as Hora Sastra (the science of time) is the only tool that man has for understanding himself in this four dimensional universe.

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