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Aspects of Rahu & Ketu Part 2

Dr. Shanker Adawal

Part 2


We are of the opinion that Transits are more powerful and decisive than Vimshottri Dasa System, and even capable of modifying the Dasa System, though some of the learned astrologers may not be in agreement with us.

All the transiting aspects of Nodes to the planets in the chart are Karmic points of interchange. The aspects or conjunctions and positions of any Node are very significant to the planets in the natal chart.
Transit Rahu conjunct natal Ketu: First time this aspect took place in the year 1926 when it coincided with the beginning of Saturn Dasa. Second time this manifestation took place in the year 1948 with the beginning of Mercury Dasa and third time in 1966 in Ketu Dasa. All these conjunctions were bad, and brought about revolutions which became the cause of his sufferings and downfall. These three phases had their distinct characteristics in his life.

Rahu conjunction Rahu – 1939-40: He got married and got his first employment. Second time this conjunction took place in the year 1957, when he was released from all the sufferings and bondage imposed on him by Rahu conjunction Ketu in the year 1948 and a new cycle of life began. When this conjunction took place third time in the year 1975-76, his astrological works were recognized and was invited to visit foreign countries to speak on Hindu Astrology. His visit was a great success. If one way it was a great honour him which completely change the pattern of his life. This aspect may not operate in his life time any more.

Rahu conjunction Sun in 1951 brought about a financial relief. Rahu conjunction Venus 1952 was the most unfortunate part of his life (Venus is the Karmic Controlling Planet for the present lifetime). If Venus was not the Karmic Control Planet, this conjunction would have meant something different and proved beneficial. Rahu conjunction Saturn in the year 1961 brought about his daughter’s marriage and a raise in his employment. His salary was just doubled over a night. Rahu conjunction Jupiter/Neptune during this year 1962 brought another improvement in his life. He was again promoted.

Rahu conjunction Pluto (6th House) in 1964 destroyed him almost. Rahu conjunction Mercury in 1969 brought heavy losses in business and he was almost completely ruined. Rahu conjunction Venus in 1971, except his physical survival, nothing was left. With the entry of Rahu in his 12th house opposing Pluto, he had to rebuild his life all over again.

Whenever transit Rahu will come to conduct Ketu or other Karmic Control Planets, the outcome will be malefic. For other planets, it will depend on other factors also.

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