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Aspects of Rahu & Ketu Part 1

Dr. Shanker Adawal

Part 1

Moon conjunction Rahu. This aspect provides internal emotional satisfaction for him. If not, at least he will provide such satisfaction for others. Basically, this aspect represents better emotional distribution within or without the native. Support from mother or `mother image’ is of utmost importance for him in this life.

The idea to take something from `mother’ and be a `mother figure’ to someone is highly under focus. These people go through ultra high and low emotional stages in this category. As a result, it is not to provoke them emotionally at the wrong time. Vivid imagination and stronger sensitivity towards some of the past life experiences and their illumination is noticed in this aspect. They may go through typical or unusual emotional experiences which could be part of their recent life externalization with a great similarity to reality.

Sun trine Rahu. This aspect provides good popularity, personal elevation and execution of proper ego for him. Circumstantial assistance in getting recognized in the world is noticed. Strong foundation and establishment of identity is done by the help of the father-figure in life. Success in the public life or even in politics is seen. During his recent life, he had been well recognized for his assistance to others. As a result, in this life repayment is done to him to get somewhere, no matter where he starts in life. Optimistic attitudes and open goals are quite common for him.

Dasa Periods

When it comes to Timing of Events, it is Dasa Paddhati (Vimshottari Dasa System) in Hindu Astrology which is unique but if the learned astrologers will not be able to differentiate between the ruling Dasa of Karmic planets and other planets, they are likely to err. Similarly, the Dasa periods of Rahu and Ketu are also Karmic, and are to be delineated differently.

In our illustration, the native had the balance of Jupiter Dasa of 8 years 9 months at the time of birth. A change came when he entered in Saturn Dasa, i.e. he was completely disowned by his parents and he had to work and earn his own livelihood. During these 19 years of Saturn Dasa, he had been learning and earning and the life was quite regular and smooth though progress was very slow. With the change of Mercury Dasa, a complete change came in his life. From employment, he came to the business, but this period was full of struggles, sufferings and fluctuations, though every suffering brought an additional knowledge to him.

With Ketu Dasa, his life was completely changed. As said earlier, this Dasa period was Karmic. Ketu is placed on the asterism of Venus and it became all the more important because Venus is one of the Karmic Controlling Planets. With the beginning of Ketu Dasa, he started from the scrap and reached on the dizzy heights of his life. Such time will not repeat as he will not see Rahu Dasa. He was on Top of his trade and industry in the country, but before the end of Ketu Dasa, he came to his normal pattern of Destiny i.e. there were times when he had nothing to eat and nothing to wear. He had to suffer the greatest humiliation of his life. But perhaps God has a purpose behind it. He become religious and spiritualistic from selfish and materialistic approach.

Venus Dasa, planet of Karmic Distribution Control, brought about complete revolution and rejuvenation in his life and he has attained a position which he could have never dream of in his early life. Had Venus not been the Karmic Control Planet, the results of Venus Dasa would have been totally different. We would rather say, that he is a fortunate man, because most of his Karmic debts of past incarnation were paid during Saturn and Mercury Dasa, Ketu Dasa taught him a lesson and he should have no problem in his old age i.e. upto the age of 72 years. Sun Dasa is likely to prove death inflicting for him as Sun is placed on the asterism of Jupiter (ruler of the natal 12th house) and the Sun is in the 2nd house being the ruler of the 8th house.

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