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Know About Zodiac Signs: Know Your Planetary Transits Effects, Chapter ii, Part - 1

Dr. Shanker Adawal

(These transit predictions are general in nature, and can be applied for Mon sign and Ascendant or even Sun sign when the other two are not known, however they may get modified depending on the strength and weakness of the current Dasa and bhukti in the individual charts of respective Ascendants, based on the benefic and malefic nature of Planets, and the unfavourable or adverse aspects of Planets in transit on the natural Planets).

Note- General Influences and tendencies are to be found in the birth chart, the dominance of the planets in the Natal chart must be taken into account, but in the transiting planets lay the secret of materialization of all events. Please understanding that transits will not affect every person alike, nor to the same extent. The nature and intensity of their influence will depend on the position of the planets involved in the individual’s natal chart as well. The transits of the planets are exceedingly important, under certain conditions, especially those of the slower-moving planets.

The basic rules regarding transit are summed up for the benefit of readers:-

1.. If at the time considering the favourable impact of the transiting planet on a native, if its period also is simultaneously running in the life of the native and if it is placed in natal horoscope favourably very good results ca be predicted.

2. If the impact is good in transit but not favourable in natal, the result will be only medium.

3. If the results are unfavourable on both accounts the result will be very bad.

4. Any planet whether benefics or malefic or transiting the 11h house from natal ascendant and Moon sign indicates good experiences during the transit period.

5. When a planet whether benefice or malefic, transits it’s own or exaltation sign indicates good results.

6. The specific position of the transiting planet with respect to the Natal planet is worth to be taken in to account.

7. When a planet which in natal horoscope is exalted or in Own house becomes retrograde in transit gives good results.

8. When a planet which in natal horoscope is debilitated, placed in enemy’s house or combust or weak is badly placed and weak in transit also gives very bad results during its transit.

9. When a planet transits a sign or house in which it has more than 5 Ashtakavarga dots it gives good results of that house.

10. If the Ashtakavarga points are less than 4 points it gives bad results.

The average duration of time of transit in a sign for each planet is as under:-

Sun = 1 month: Moon = 2 ½ days: Mars = 1 ½ months: Mercury and Venus = 1 month: Jupiter = 1 year: Saturn = 2 ½ years: and Rahu & Ketu = 1 ½ years:

The delineations enclosed herewith are minimum explanation of the yearly planetary transits of superior major Planets. There are in no way the absolute interpretation of the all astrological transits, since there are many other variables like the transits over Natal planets & transit w.r.t. Ascendant or Moon of other fast moving planets, which are more specific to monthly and daily predictions. Further the Human being is bestowed with the experience of Free Will, united with self-justice and the opportunity to learn from his actions there off.

Knowledge of Astrology is a blessing, since Planets only impel towards a direction, if you do not change your direction, you are likely to end up where you are headed to.

The transits of fast moving planets are quick and soon over, they tend to precipitate matters and rarely give any choice of action. So for practical purposes transit results of slow-moving planets are only attempted here.


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