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Know About Zodiac Signs: Introduction, Chapter i, Part - 8

Dr. Shanker Adawal

8. Saturn: The Judge, longevity and karka of Sorrow

Saturn is also called as `Sanaischara’ due to its’ slow motion compare to other planets along the Zodiac leisurely. He is the outermost planet amongst the planets. Saturn is smaller than Jupiter and his diameter is around 75,000 miles. Saturn takes 29.5 years to complete a circle around the Sun. Hence on an average Saturn remains in a sign for about 2 ½ years. Saturn is called `Yama’ as he is the chief governor for longevity. Saturn is said to be a `lame’ and the son of The Sun. According to Western belief in olden days Sater or Satan was the name given to Saturn and he signified devil, darkness, secrecy, loss and misfortune.

His nature is cold, dry, phlegmatic, melancholic, earthy and masculine. In a horoscope if Saturn is well placed or well aspected, the person will be grave, profound, prudent, cautious and will have excellent organizing and executive ability. If Saturn is afflicted, the native is apt to be bigoted acquisitive, irritable, discontented and complaining. Saturn governs the teeth, bones spleen, knees, right ear and sense of hearing. He rules brick laying, pottery, masonry, plumbing and other laborious and uncongenial employment. He denotes aged persons, thin, nervous, dark, reclusive-also farmers, miners, coal and junk dealers, property owners etc. He rules land, property, mines, lead and dealings in real estate.

The influence of Saturn is commonly called evil and in this respect is much maligned, but in reality there is no evil since all things work together for good ultimately. Saturn acts as a deterrent and because he brings denial and necessity into some lives, he has been considered as an oppressor. Saturn will bring the native to his knees, humble, and by means of restrictions, limitation and adversities, will cause the individual to ponder, study and seek to find the source of woe that in future may be overcome. Thus while Saturn is considered as a destroyer, he is also a redeemer, in that he brings to mind a state of introspection and stimulates effort towards perfection and victory.

The natives influenced by Saturn are extremely sensitive but they hide their feelings and emotions under a mask of reserve. If frequently censured, they withdraw from association and their progress and development are much delayed. Saturn is considered to be favourable for people born in the signs owned by Venus and Mercury. He is also beneficial when he is in his own sign, or when he occupies the signs of Jupiter or when he is exalted in a horoscope. Saturn when benefic make a person true, reliable, honest, sincere, faithful and chaste. He aids concentration, meditation prayers, etc. Saturn is the chief governor for longevity and therefore called Ayush Karaka. If he occupies the house of longevity, the 8th house in a horoscope, the native gets a long span of life.

Saturn has the lordship of Capricorn and Aquarius signs. His exalted sign is Libra and the highest exaltation point is 20o degrees portion of Aquarius is his Multrikona and the rest of the portion is his Swakshetra. The whole Capricorn sign is his swakshetra. Mercury and Venus are his friends while Sun, Moon and Mars are his enemies and Jupiter is neutral to him. The day ruled by Saturn is Saturday, metals is iron and steel, colour is dark blue or black, and gem is blue sapphire or other blue and black coloured stones.


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