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Know About Zodiac Signs: Aries (Mesh), Chapter 1, Part - 11

Dr. Shanker Adawal

Dhan Yogas for Aries:

1. Mars, Jupiter and Saturn placed in 5th house.

2. Venus is posited in 12th house.

3. Venus is posited in 4th house.

4. Sun posited in 5th house and Mars & Moon posited in 11th house.

5. Mars in Lagna and Venus in 11th house.

6. Mars posited in lagna and aspected or conjuncted with Mercury, Venus and Saturn.

7. Venus and Saturn in 4th house.

8. Jupiter posited in Kendra from Moon gives landed property.

9. Conjunction of Moon and Mars in a auspicious house.

10. Planets and Domestic Life:

Home and Domestic Life:

An Aries is happens to be the ruler at home. The mal will tend to delegate domestic matters to the female. The female Aries will want to rule the roost. Both tend to be handy round the house. Both like large families and both believe in the sanctity and importance of the family. An Aries is a good family person, although he or she does not especially like being at home a lot, preferring instead to be roaming about.

Although by nature Aries natives are considered combative and willful but surprisingly they are soft, gentle and even vulnerable with their children the house of family and home. Moon is the ruler of Cancer. So when the Moon is well placed, aspected or conjuncted with benefic and malefic do not influence it in Birth Horoscope, the native will be tender towards the family and want a family life that is nurturing and supportive. Natives likes to come home after a hard day on the battlefield of life to the understanding arms of their partner and the unconditional love and support of their family. Native feels that there is enough `war’ out in the world – add he or she enjoys participating in that. But when he/she comes home, comfort and nurturing are main things what’s needed by them.


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