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Know About Zodiac Signs: Aries (Mesh), Chapter 1, Part - 10

Dr. Shanker Adawal

Profession and Finance:

These persons are powerful people who wield much authority and notoriety but are quite changeable, quick tempered and can not bear to be contradicted, and resent being told of their faults. The  native has in born leadership qualities so he may be trade-union leader, an industrialist, owner of gambling houses or liquor houses, an explorer, architecture, a surgeon, dentist or chemist. His profession may also be attached with judicial services, armed forces, martial-services, metal-work, speculations and lotteries, fire-arms, chemicals, medicines, agriculture, gardening and he may be a person who lives with tools and machineries i.e. an engineer, butcher, firemen, mechanics, sportsmen/women and a manure dealer.

If he is not permitted to do his work in his own way then he get into confusion, and often lose all interest in the work. His stubbornness is the result of the intensity of his natures, and more of an appearance than a reality. But the native usually will be very fortunate in business and in making money.

One may think that a pioneering type would want to break with the social and political conventions of society. But this is not so with the natives born under Aries sign. They are pioneers within conventional limits, in the sense that they like to start their own businesses within an established industry. Saturn will be the planet which will be the lord of 10th house and therefore rules his life’s work and professional aspirations. This tells some interesting things about his character. First one, it shows that, in order to reach his full career potential, native need to develop some qualities which will be a bit alien to his basic nature. To achieve short-range objectives, no one can beat him but a career is long term object which is built over time. He needs to become better administrator and organizer. He needs to be able to handle details better and to take a long-range view of his projects and career in general. Generally they are very generous, and distinguished for their good works, but are not so fortunate in worldly affairs as those above alluded to.

Some Aries people find it difficult to stick with a project until the end. Since they get bored quickly and are in constant pursuit of new adventures, they prefer to pass an old project or task on to somebody else in order to start something new. Those Aries who learn how to put off the search for something new until the old is completed will achieve great success in their careers and professional lives. The tendency with most of the Aries teachers, speakers, and writers is to give up everything to their work, and so sacrifice health and usefulness, and spoil their beautiful inspirational powers.

Aries natives like society to judge them on their own merits, on their real and actual achievements. A reputation acquired by `hype’ feels false to them. The natives having Aries sign, money is a key to convenience and luxury. He likes to earn and spend quickly; money will never be for hoarding for him. He makes money only to play with or to spend upon others. This makes it difficult to become well to do unless other combinations for wealth, i.e. dhan yogas are there in his birth chart. He is generous in the matters of time and money. Saturn also become the lord of eleventh house which signifies that if it is well placed then native can develop good earning power. It become always true for the native that he earns money through hard work and sustained efforts. As native will be trustworthy he will be appreciated by his employers for his this quality.

Aries native often excel as builders or estate agents. They are hard workers with a lot of endurance and they can earn large sums of money due to the strength of their sheer physical energy. But money is not as important in their life as are other things like action, adventure, sport, etc. They need motivations. Money as a way of attaining pleasure is another important motivation. An Aries functions best in his own business or as manager of his own departments within a large business or corporation. They also function better when out in the field rather than behind a desk.

Venus being the lord of second house (Dhan Brava) and seventh house become important planet for money. It means that Aries need to develop more of the social graces in order to realize their full earning potential. Just getting the job done, which is what an Aries excels at, is not enough to create financial success. The co-operation of others needs to be attained. Customers, clients and co-workers need to be made to feel comfortable; and in order to get success many people need to be treated properly. When Aries people develop these abilities or hire someone to do this for them, their financial potential is unlimited.


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