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Know About Zodiac Signs: Aries (Mesh), Chapter 1, Part - 8

Dr. Shanker Adawal

The Aries child:

Like Aries man and woman, Aries child will also have some special qualities which differs him from others. The children born under this sign should not be driven, teased even in any emergencies. They are sometimes called “the children of the four horns,” an account of their invincible determination to win. Aries child will expect all attention of his parents at any cost. As far as he is concerned, he is the boss and parents have no right to ignore him. As he starts growing, his attention gaining tactics become more and more refined. From just wailing and crying, he will come to banging the table with his kiddie’s spoon, when parents don’t listen to him. Subtlety is not one of the personality traits of Aries children. They will shout at the top of their voice to let parents know what exactly they want. This trait will be there in both the male as well as the female Aries child.

He is quite eager about everything, right from walking to talking. He will probably start doing both much before the other children. He couldn’t wait to take a test to prove that he/she is more capable than his/her classmates. If parents or teachers want him to learn discipline, it is better to start teaching him from the moment they get discharged from the hospital. He is not the one to learn from his mistakes and all the things like knives etc. have to keep out of his reach. An Aries baby is very affectionate and this feeling will be demonstrated quite often. He shows his affections by hugging and kissing.

Showing authority by parents will make him stubborn. One has to show him respect if he wants him to understand something. He will have a quick temper, but it seldom lasts long. After he has cooled down, he will be his usual cheerful self again. Aries child will not be at all selfish and will easily share his most favorite toys with everyone if other children are not nasty to him. Otherwise, the generosity will come to an end and it will be time for fireworks. If parent or teacher wants him to do anything he should be given a challenge rather then a comparison. He will finish the work even before the time to repeat it again. Once an Aries child learns something, he will remember it throughout his life. He is very creative and has a vivid imagination. He will dream the most impossible dreams, but will be ground to reality. Practicality an Aries child is an odd combination of contradictory things. He has to be the first one to do anything and will always want to lead.

Beneath the tough outer shell of an Aries child will be soft hearted, which is vulnerable. He is sacred of being unloved and needs a constant reassurance. Many a times, he will rush into the arms of parent or elders after being hurt by the real world. This child should be hugged firmly otherwise, he will get completely shattered. Miracles, fairy godmothers, Santa Claus and angels are something in which all the Aries children believe. One should not tell him that all they are wrong.

Generally an Aries child will be impatient in nature. Responsibility is not in the list of his qualities. One has to teach him through logic and affection. If his work is praised then he will do correct things more often. He will not be too well with finances but will give his money to a needy person without any hesitation. Like others Aries native, neither he will tolerate injustice nor call a wrong thing as right. Giving him orders won’t work at all. He will not do the work that is ordered to him but if he is asked same with a smile; he will run for the same. An Aries child loves his freedom, he will be very optimistic. Negative and distressing thoughts can really hurt him deeply. He can not sit idly. If an Aries child is loved, nurtured and leaded gently then he will dream the impossible dreams and make them come true also.


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