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Know About Zodiac Signs: Aries (Mesh), Chapter 1, Part - 7

Dr. Shanker Adawal

The Aries Woman:

Like Aries man, Aries woman also will have the tendency to lead, over ambitious, courageous and some times their outgoing and spirited nature can make them to appear as masculine. She will be so hot-blooded and forceful her partner should be able to handle the heat. The Aries woman is best known by her temperaments. She will be very clear in making her feelings. Aries female is the one who will do anything and everything herself, without needing any male help. One of her basic personality traits is total confidence in her abilities. Because she has to led in all spheres of her life so she has to be the first one to do anything even for her husband. She loves challenges and believes in miracle. Though it sounds a little freaky, but miracles do happen in her case. Just like a typical Aries, she never learns from her mistakes and is likely to fall in the same hole again.

Every woman of Aries sign will have a deep and hidden desire to be protected and defended by her man. In her dreams she will always be the lovely and gentle, and he is kind and tender. The first thing noted by her about her male counterpart will be that eventually he is more bossy, belligerent and bellicose than her. If she charge his enemies, as she can because of her ruling planet Mars, he will definitely adore her for it and in return he will give her every bit as much loyalty as she gives him.

Although romance is something that without which no Aries can live and the same is true for an Aries woman also. However, for her, not getting on without romance is not same as not being able to live without a man. In her heart, she will always be yearning for that someone special, thinking about him in the monsoon and that will be her idea of romance. She doesn’t need a real man for it. This means Aries women also fantasies in their dreams. The best part of the relationship will be the beginning, then the spark will be there and she will try to catch him to be hers. Generally she will find happiness in a long-term relationship because she enjoys sharing everything with her partner. She will like to have not only a romantic partner but a best friend too. She will have a great need for love and passion but she will never let a man become her master. She considers her partner to be equal. Aries women are not for domineering men. She will be faithful but she expects the same in return. An Aries woman can survive even the toughest of circumstances alone and has the ability to come back even after the most gruesome tragedies. She can play the role of a female perfectly and, at the same time, can do everything that a man can do. Perhaps she feels more comfortable with men than women.

An Aries woman requires freedom. Although  her independence does not go well with the male ego even that an Aries woman never wants a puppy for lover or a husband. She seeks a man, but not the one who constantly keep track on her. The best way to woo her is to throw subtle hints, be a little detached and keep her wondering. If her lover or husband gives the impression that he can resist her charms then to prove that she’s desirable, she will come rushing towards him. Aries women will never have no yearn for male attention. An Aries woman does not like flattery. Her lover or husband should be sincerer while complementing her because extra sweetness and too much closeness can make her run away, but she doesn’t want him to be too detached also. For her love means sharing each and everything, right from her emotions and checkbook to his bank account.

One has to maintain that delicate balance and still keep the romance alive. Once has she committed to him, she will be extremely sentimental and very loyal. One should not try to dominate an Aries woman and also not letting her to dominate him because she will not be able to tolerate either of the extremes. Her expectations are too high, but she will also give double in return. So one should give her reasons to be proud of him and also not forget to praise her for her talent too. She can be jealous because she wants a man to give her all of his attention, so her jealously is rooted in her possessiveness because she has to be number one in his eyes. She will always encourage and give strength to her partner so an Aries woman is great to have in times of despair or need, she will always be there for you. In order to have this happy ending, she needs to feel appreciated and loved.

She is very possessive and love is something which she can not share at any cost. She can be very jealous even at the slightest of suspicion. If an Aries woman gets hurt, she will become as cold as the ice and this behavior may last an entire lifetime. Although she will possessive but doesn’t like to be possessed. She wants her freedom and your complete trust. She is generous to the faults of her loved ones and she will not like that any person criticize him in front of her. On the other hand, if one is good to her, she will be extremely kind, tender, loyal and supportive. She will extremely passionate and forever-lasting relationships believer. Although, this leaves her disillusioned many a times but she will never play games with a male as she is incapable of deceit. Although tries to show that she is very strong lady, she will be an innocent, very emotional woman and as vulnerable as a baby.

She may be quite extravagant but she will be a caring mother, who makes no unnecessary fuss and sparks children’s imagination. An Aries woman may have a bad temper, but it will go away as quickly as it came and leave no grudges behind. Aries woman will be a complete woman, who gets hurt easily and is totally innocent. Though she will be a little impulsive and bossy but she will give complete security and fight against the world for her loved one.

The Aries woman is for the person who likes an independent self-driven woman who can fend for herself and is not clingy and needy.


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