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Know About Zodiac Signs: Introduction, Chapter i, Part - 5

Dr. Shanker Adawal

4. Mercury: The Education, learning and the prince.

Amongst all the planets Mercury is nearest to Sun which completes a circle around the Sun in 88 days and diameter of Mercury is about 3,200 miles. It was usually portrayed as a youth, flying with wings at his feels, bearing a caduceus made of olive wood about which were twined serpents, the rod being surmounted with a pair of wings. This symbol represents the essential qualities of the planet, duality, speed and wisdom. According to Hindu mythology Mercury is said to be the son of Moon. Mercurial people generally have a youthful appearance.

The influence of the planet Mercury is neutral, dualistic, cold, moist, sexless and convertible. He gives favourable results when he is in good association and receives benefic aspects. Mercury can rarely be seen with naked eye as he is never goes more than 28o from the Sun. He is treated as combust or burnt up and loses great deal of its ability whenever comes within 8.5o degrees of the Sun, His best influence can be felt when leaving the Sun. Mercury rules that part of the intellect which is susceptible to cultivation through study, precept, observation and imitation. Mercury, tongue, sense of sight, perception, understanding, interpretation and expression. He deals with traveling, touring job, teaching, clerkship, speaking, writing, printing, publishing, literature, stationery, secretaries, book-keeping, correspondence, mailing etc.

If Mercury is well placed in the horoscope, the natives make good linguists, orators, writers, reporters, teachers, secretaries, accountants, etc., being fully capable of maintaining any position where adaptability, dexterity, perception, skill, quick wit, imagination and good memory are required. Natives usually conduct their work in an orderly, methodical, systematic and handy manner being adept at simplifying arrangements. Mercury shows the type of mentality one is endowed with, as he governs the reaction to one’s sense and impressions. Being an intellectual planet, the Mercurian is highly intelligent, ingenious and analytical. He will grasp the subjects very quickly. He gives the native retentive power and reproductive ability. A well placed and well aspected Mercury represents a subtle political brain and intellect, a logician with learning and discretion.

A person influenced by Mercury will have curiosity to master of occult sciences also. He will be versatile, good in mathematical calculations, engineering, accounts etc. If Mercury is afflicted, the native will be clever, cunning and mischievous. He will turn out to be a great gambler, the worst liar and a conceited showy person. He will pretend as though he knows everything while actually he is devoid of real learning. The affliction of Mercury will also cause excess nervous activity both of body and mind. There is also consequent effect on the health detrimental to the operation of bowels and other organs under the dominion of this planet. In relationships, Mercury is the chief governor for education and uncle.

Two signs owned by Mercury are Gemini and Virgo. His exalted sign is Virgo and in this sign his highest exaltation point is 15o while debilitated in Pisces and his lowest debilitation point is 15o in Pisces sign. In Virgo sign the first 15o part is his exaltation portion, from 16o to 20o portion is his Mooltrikona and the rest of the portion is Swakshetra. The whole part of Gemini sign is his Swakshetra. Sun and Venus are his friends while Moon is his enemy and Mars, Jupiter and Saturn are neutral to him. His day is Wednesday and metal is liquid metal or quick silver. His colour is green and gem is Emerald.


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