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Know About Zodiac Signs: Introduction, Chapter i, Part - 6

Dr. Shanker Adawal

5. Jupiter: The knowledge and preceptor.

Jupiter the mighty planet is called a giant of the solar system. Diameter of Jupiter is about 88,000 miles. Jupiter takes a little less than twelve years to go once round the Sun and transit in one sign about one year. According to Indian Mythology Jupiter is the preceptor of Gods. Old Greeks considered Jupiter as the father of Gods-Zeus while Egyptians call him Ammon. Jupiter is said to possess and offer `Sathwaguna’. In Kalpusha horoscope it has the lordship of 9th house and therefore it governs the fortunes. Being the karka of wealth it is also the chief governor for money. Jupiter is termed as `Greater Fortune’ and is said to be hot moist, sanguine, temperate, social, expansive, masculine and moderate. He governs the fats, liver, veins, arteries and thighs. He also rules higher education and knowledge, science, law, reason and comparison, and signifies judges, councilors, bankers, brokers, theologians, philanthropists etc. Being the karka of 5th house rules financial dealings, speculation, shipping business and foreign affairs.

Native influenced by Jupiter are usually termed jovial owing to the fact that Jupiter gives characteristics as sociability, hope, benevolence, veneration, compassion, justice, honesty, spirituality, and also well developed faculties of proportion, calculation and location. The natives usually will be quick to hit the mark as his symbol is the Archer. In the business world, natives ruled by Jupiter become interested in large popular enterprises and deal much in matters related to lawyers, judges, bankers, brokers and physicians. Science and medicine, insurance and commercial traveling often engage their attention, also affairs of philanthropic, charitable and religious or benevolent import.

Jupiter is called the `Greater Fortune’ because, unless he is ill placed in the horoscope, he bestows a considerable amount of what appears to be good luck upon natives who are suited for positions of dignity, trust or power in business and social circles. Having a logical, broad mind, considerable self possession, self confidence and determination, they usually inspire confidence and attain responsible positions. Jupiter is fiery, noble, benevolent, fruitful, jovial, optimistic, positive, and dignified planet. He is the greatest benefic amongst all other planets. However, much other planets may be ill posited and threaten difficulties to a person, if Jupiter is strong and well placed in a chart, native will enjoy the providential help at least at the last moment to tide over the difficulties and get rid of evil. Jupiter also indicates how far one will respect the elders, preceptors and religious scriptures. Jupiter makes one law abiding, true, honest, sincere and dutiful. If Jupiter is afflicted in the horoscope, the native will be an extremist and unconventional. He will be extravagant and lavish. The other evil effects would be over optimism, false hopes, carelessness, debts, disputes, failure in speculation, gambling, worry through children, false prestige, loss of reputation, mistake in judgment and miscalculation, etc.

The native influenced by Jupiter will be well built and may have a huge belly. They will have good growth in youth, have muscular body and become so stout as to command respect from others. Jupiter is also considered as Santan Karaka means significator for children. Jupiter has the lordship of Sagittarius and Pisces sign. His exalted sign is Cancer and the highest exaltation point is 5o in Cancer. His sign of debilitation is Capricorn and the lowest debilitating point is 5o of Capricorn. In Sagittarius sign part of first 10o is his Mooltrikona and the rest is his Swakshetra. The whole Pisces sign is his Swakshetra. The Sun, Moon and Mars are his friends; Mercury and Venus are his enemies and Saturn is neutral to him. His day is Thursday, metal gold, colour yellow and gems are yellow sapphire and Topaz.


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