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Encyclopedia of Vedic Astrology: Remedies: Vastushastra and Feng Shui, Chapter XIII, Part – 4

Dr. Shanker Adawal

Vastu Fundamentals / Defects / Corrections

Part 3

37. It is advised that while sleeping the head should be kept towards the west or south for sound sleep. And to avoid sleep disorders. When the head is towards south gives long life, the head towards east gives enlightenment, the head towards west gives unhappiness and sorrow, and head towards north is the worst it causes even death.

38. The kitchen should be kept in the south-east (agneya) corner. The cooking platform to kept in east side wall of the kitchen. Cooking platform should not touch the north wall of the kitchen. The exhaust fan may be on the eastern wall towards the south-east side. The alternative is north-west of the building for kitchen.

39. The pooja room in the north-east side is the best, next alternative is east-north, or east the last choice. In the duplex houses the pooja room should be in the in the ground floor only.

40. Muslim friends may have their prayer room in the north-east side.

41. For dining rooms the west side is recommended, an alternative is east which is closer to the kitchen. The dinning table should preferably be square, the round table may be good for a round table conference but is inauspicious for dinning, it may cause disharmony in the members.

42. The drawing room may be in east, north or north-east of the building portion, it should give a feeling of spaciousness. It can be decorated with sceneries and flower pots and spot lights. The north-east side of the room one may have the photo of his deity.

43. The north-west sector is best for store rooms, the windows on the north should be bigger then other windows.

44. The colour scheme recommended for any type of the building:-

45. Eastfacing buildings:- white, off white.

46. South-eastfacing:-green, and other shades of green.

47. South:-facing red, pink, orange etc.

48. South-west:- facing green, parrot green incl. olive green.

49. West:- facing – blue, and its combinations.

50. North-west:-facing-white, off white, light colours.

51. North facing buildings:- colour are green or yellow.

52. The rain water and drainage to be channeled towards the north-east direction of the plot.

53. Over head water tanks should be in the south or south-west direction of the terrace.

54. The stair case should be towards south, west, or south-west portion of the building. Staircases in the north-east should be avoided as it causes financial problems. Staircases should not be placed in the centre of the building.

55. Doors which make noise when opening or closing are considered bad. The doors which shuts up and closes by itself it considered as inauspicious.

56. Plots having north-east portion projected towards north or east are considered good.

57. Plots having five corners or N-E, or S-E, or S-W, or N-W projection are to be used only after necessary corrections.

58. Eight – cornered plot: malefic effects of Saturn no. 8 will be evident. This will cause diseases and death in the house.

59. Three / Thirteen corner plot: the malefic effects of Mars will be evident. This may cause loss of relatives, brothers, and incidence of fire or accidents.

60. Five corner plot: The children will suffer and there may be bad health or even death.

61. Armless corner plot: when a marriage is performed in such a house, the man or women will lose the spouse, or there may be other calamities in the house.

62. Fish like corners i.e. looking like the raised under belly of a fish: It gives worst results in the family, the individual may be issueless or so.

63. Eighteen corner plot: this will cause loss of wealth etc.


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