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Encyclopedia of Vedic Astrology: Remedies: Notable Herbs in Human Welfare, Chapter XV, Part – 20

Dr. Shanker Adawal

White musali

The other names are Asparagus adscendens, Liliaceae, Safet musli.

The part used are roots. It is a nutritive tonic, resin, tannin, mucilage, starch and ash containing oxalate of calcium.

It is bitter aromatic, tonic and demulcent used in general debility, in affections the urina genital system as impotence, also in asthma, piles, dysuria, diarrhea, menorrhea and gonorrhea. As tonic it is generally mixed with aromatic bitters and aphrodisiac medicines. The herb is an excellent building and revitalizing tonic for wasting diseases and tissue deficiency in general. It is taken with Shatavari to strengthen the reproductive system and increase reproductive tissue, for both male or female.


The other name are Plumbago zeylonica, chitraka.

The part used are roots. It is a stimulant, diaphoretic, carminative, cholagogue, emmenagogue.

It improves the digestive fire and increases the digestive power of liver, spleen and small intestine. Chitrak often works even when hot spices like cayenne fails. Alterative and gastric stimulant, given in chronic diarrhea, dyspepsia and general anasara. Locally as a vesicant the root causes more pain that the ordinary blisters and the vesication do not heal readily. A paste of the root is used as a stimulant application to rheumatic joins, leprosy, paralytic limbs and to abscesses to promote suppuration. The compound powder is alternative and given in flatulence and rheumatism. The root and acrid, and introduced into the osuteri causes abortion. Taken internally it is said to expel the foetus whether dead or alive.


The other names are Nardostachys jatamansi, Valerianceae.

The part used are roots. It is brain tonic, sedative, antispasmodic, analgesic, anti-inflammatory.
The dried fruits and roots of this plant are medicinal.

It has a special quality to treat mental and psychological diseases, helps to deal with emotional turbulence and subconscious traumas. It has tonic, antispasmodic and stimulant properties, it is therefore, useful in treatment of certain type of fits, convulsions, and palpitation of heart. It is used also as a laxative and for improving urination, menstruation and digestion. When combined with Ashwagandha it makes an excellent brain tonic and memory improving agent. It may be taken with milk or boiled in milk.


Amla fruit is rich in vitamin c, It is main constituent of famous Chyavanaprash, the best general restorative tonic, and Triphala, the best remedy for stomach complaints, to treat constipation, piles, enlarged liver, and pain in eyes also.

Amla fruits are good liver tonic, raw fruits are cooling and mild laxative. A fermented liquor made from amla is useful in indigestion, anaemia, jaundice, heart complaints, cold in nose, and for promoting urination. Being rich in vit. C it is useful in diseases caused by deficiency of vit. C, e.g.: scurvy. Dried fruits are useful in diarrhea and dysentery. Even pickled fruits or sweetened fruits known as Amla Muraba are prescribed as medicine. When ever a good tonic is needed take amla tonic.

The complete plant i.e. Flowers, root, bark and fruits of the tree are also medicinal, seeds are reported to cure asthma, and stomach disorders. Amla is sattvic in nature and gives good fortune, love and longevity.

Ashvagandha / Withania Somnifera

It has antibiotic and antibacterial property, helps in stress management in to-days life style. It is useful in consumption, sexual and general weakness and rheumatism. Ashvagandha is diuretic i.e. to promotes urination; act as a narcotic and removes functional problems of mind and body. It is an anti-stress herb.


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