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Encyclopedia of Vedic Astrology: Remedies: Colour Therapy, Chapter XI, Part – 4

Dr. Shanker Adawal

Symbols of Colours

Symbols of Colours

1. White symbolizes purity, chastity, virginity, modesty, joy.

2. Blue symbolizes fidelity, truth, tranquility, serenity, hope, melancholy.

3. Red symbolizes love (red roses), sacrifice, courage, anger (blood), irritation.

4. Green symbolizes life, peace, nature, spring, envy (green with envy), immaturity. It is neither sad nor cheerful but restful.

5. Pink symbolizes modesty.

6. Violet symbolizes innocence, penitence, seduction, serious to paint of melancholy.

7. Yellow symbolizes jealousy (yellow streak), strength, joy, gaiety.

8. Black symbolizes antithesis of white, sorrow, distress, gloom.

9. Lavender symbolizes passion.

10. Crimson symbolizes passion, rage, blood.

11. Scarlet symbolizes blare of trumpets.

12. Deep orange symbolizes flame, excitement, irritation, suffocation.

13. Orange-yellow symbolizes warmth- glow, life, cheer.

14. Yellow-green symbolizes rest, cheer. Keep people smiling?

15. Blue-green symbolizes sobriety, sedateness.

16. Violet-blue symbolizes gloom. It is stern, hard, unyielding.

17. Purple symbolizes royalty. It is stately, pompous, impressive, dignified, costly.

18. Grey symbolizes age, maturity, wisdom, mourning.


Red is the most stimulating and dominant of all colours. It is dynamic, strong, exuberant, creative, and irresistible. It is hot- the colour of blood- and represents fire and life. It is the colour of love and sacrifice. Red roses symbolize affection. Martyrs are also clothed in red. Red is also the symbol of courage and of anger- i.e., “He grew red with anger.” It is the colour of patriotism.

Chinese and Japanese children always wear a touch of red as it symbolizes long life to the Oriental.
In India red means health and protection against disease.

Red is the favourite colour of women. Red represents health, thus, “He had red cheeks.” Red is also used as a danger signal. Stop signals are always red in colour.

Red is exciting and active and should not be in abundance in a sick room or around nervous children as it tends to make them more irritable. An exception to this is the use of red rooms to pull neurotics out of despondency.


Yellow is the hue of light, luminosity, and the Sun.

It has two meanings: (1) Gaiety, life, joy, and strength, and (2) Cowardice, jealous, distrust, illness, and disease. Hence and old saying, “He has a streak of yellow in him,” often puts yellow in ill repute.
Yellow is a warm colour. It has a brightening and cheerful effect on invalids and children. To brighten a sick room paint it yellow. Yellow and orange are significant of light and warmth due to the association of these colours with the Sun or sunlight. In reality sunlight is not yellow but it gives this appearance in contrast to the blue of sky light. Many physicists claim midday sunlight is bluish white instead of yellow.
Yellow is also associated with decay. As an example we speak of the leaves turning yellow in autumn before falling off the trees and withering.

Yellow is the royal colour of China.

In India yellow is the colour of marriage.

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