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Encyclopedia of Vedic Astrology: Remedies: The Rudraksh, Chapter XII, Part – 9

Dr. Shanker Adawal

Eleven Faced Rudraksha

11. Eleven-Faced Rudraksh is ascribed to Lord Indra or assigned to Lord Rudra and is worn for the attainment of popularity, strength and worldly comforts.

It is believed to be highly powerful possessing eleven strengths of eleven deities. It should be kept in the house at place of puja and in the cash box. It is especially useful for ladies, as it blesses them with a husband of long age, one who is progressive and wealthy. It is used for Mohan purposes in Tantrik. It is said that after purification, if a lady wears it, she is surely blessed with a son. The Eleven-faced Rudraksh is good for religious purposes such as Bhagwat Darshan of one’s deity. The mind is controlled. One has wealth and finally becomes a Param Yogi.

It has no ruling planet. It induces courage and confidence in the wearer to lead an adventurous life.

Mantra for Wearing

Om Room Kshoom Moom Yoom Aum


Asya Shri rudramantrasya Kashyap rishih, anushtupchhandah, rudrao devata, Room beejam, Kshoom shaktih, abhheshsiddhayarthe Rudraksh dharanarthe jape viniyogah

After that perform Adi, Kar and Hirdeye Nayasa. Wear Rudraksha as per above directions. The sadhaka should recite during the day or morning.

Twelve Faced Rudraksha

12. Twelve-Faced Rudraksha is ascribed to Lord Vishnu or assigned the Sun God otherwise called Suriya. It bestows progeny and removes the difficulties of life, and fulfills the hopes of the sadhaka who wears it, is blessed with comforts, employment and blessings of all the deities. The fear of thieves and fire and other obstacles is removed. All roaring animals do not harm, rather they protect the wearer. It is the best sin remover and is called `Aditya Rudraksha’. It makes the wearer, give protection against accidents, Rulers and Kings who want to rule over the world should use it constantly.
Its rosary consists of 32 beads, which is equal to the number of teeth. Its ruling planet is Sun. It helps in reducing its evil effects.

Mantra for Wearing

Om Hreem Kshaum Ghrinih Shreem


Asya Shree Surya-mantrasya Bhargave rishih, Gayatri chhandah, Vishweshwaro devata. Hreem beejam, Shreem shaktih, Ghranih keelakam, Rudrakshdharanayarthe jape viniyogah

After that perform Adi, Kar, Hiredeye Nayas and wear it as per above directions. The Sadhaka should recite the mantra during the day or morning attributed to Twelve Adityas.

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