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Encyclopedia of Vedic Astrology: Remedies: The Rudraksh, Chapter XII, Part – 10

Dr. Shanker Adawal

Thirteen Faced Rudraksh

13. Thrteen-Faced Rudraksh, if available and used is very auspicious. It is ascribed to Vishva Devas also assigned to Indra. The user gains moksha, conquers all his desires, ambitions and is endowed with good health, wealth, property and the comforts of life. It gives many types of siddhies and one can attract anybody. It is said that when this is boiled in milk and drunk for 21 days the man gets relief from all worries. It also removes evil effects of Saturn and victory over enemies. It is ruled by Venus and blesses the native with progeny and birth of a son.

Mantra for Wearing

Om Hem Yaam Aap Om


Asya Shree Indra mantrasya Brahma rishih panktih chhandah, Indro devata Bern beejam Aap iti shaktih, Rudraksh dharanayarthe jape viniyogah

After that perform Adi, Kar and Hiredeye Nayasa and wear this Rudraksh as per above directions. The sadhaka should recite the mantra during the day or morning. Best for divine powers and for attainment of desires.

Fourteen Faced rudraksha

14. Fourteen-Faced Rudraksha is assigned to Lord Hanuman Ji, some ascribed to Lord Shiva. It cures diseases. It gives courage, protects one at the time of adversity, and removes and difficulties. It bestows all comforts of life and a high rank in service and politics. It should be boiled in milk and drunk for 20 days the man gets relief from all worries. For property and wealth gains the fourteen-faced Rudraksh is good. It protects from ghosts, evil spirits and black magic. It provides the wearer security, safety, wealth and confidence.

It also removes evil effects of Saturn, and victory over enemies. This Rudrkash is also known as Maha Shani.

Mantra for Wearing

Om Aum Hasphrein Khabphrein Hastraun Hasabphein


Asya Shree Hanuman mantrasya Kamchandra rishih, jagatee chhandah, Shreem Hanumaddevata, Om beejam, Hasphrein shaktaye namah paadayoh

Note: The user of Rudraksh should be free from Vices. He can be non Vegetarian, but should keep a fast on full Moon, Amavas and Sankaranti days.

After that perform Adi, Kar and Hiredeye Nayasa and the Rudraksh be worn according to above instructions. The Sadhaka should recite this mantra during day or in the morning. It is rarely available but has infinite virtues, enabling the user to reach the highest heaven.


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