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Encyclopedia of Vedic Astrology: Remedies: Colour Therapy, Chapter XI, Part – 9

Dr. Shanker Adawal


Aluminium foil has come into active use a heat insulator. It is used on chocolate bars to reflect heat rays and so prevent melting or discolouring. While it tends to keep the heat rays out it does not offer protection against the cold.

Ultra-violet light (responsible for vitamin D) exists in many foods, but it is often destroyed by heat. Therefore, apart from its virtues, ultra-violet light may also be detrimental as it fades pigments, tans skin, and destroys the dietary value of some foods.

Beer in brown bottles is one functional application of colour to thwart ultra-violet light. We also find on the market amber Cellophane designed to allow full visibility but to screen out harmful rays. It is no accident that milk of magnesia comes in blue bottles.

In U.S.A. recent study to find the protective value of colour, to retard acidity in certain foodstuffs is done. It was found that ultra-violet caused the most damage, with infrared also classed as damaging. Green was recommended. Green transmits light only in the central region of the spectrum and screens out the extreme violet and thermal rays.

Common Cellophane transmits ultra-violet rays and allows the rays to pass through. Therefore, clear Cellophane is an unsatisfactory covering for some foods.

A greenish show-window glass is excellent for hot climates in order to withhold the heat of sunlight.
Guinea pigs become fat in a room with light walls and pine in a dark room. Animals grow faster in rooms with light walls. Hens lay more eggs and become fatter in white or light chicken coops.
Ultra-violet rays are now being used in the treatment of certain diseases. Rheumatism, congestion, lumbago, neuritis, sinus, and many other ailments are cured by the correct use of colour and light treatment.

The absence or abundance of a colour is determined by means of Numerology. As stated, the primary colours are red, yellow, and blue, which should exist in equal proportions in the body. This is what we term Health.

The absence or over-abundance of one or more of these colours creates disease.

The absence of a colour is determined by analysing the name of the disease. We do this by obtaining the soul or ambition number, and the destiny or expression number. This gives the colours which exist or are present. The colour or colours which are absent should be supplied.

6 =6 (soul)- red

Example: Cold


7 =7(destiny)- yellow

Deficient Blue is needed and must be supplied.

10 =1 (soul)


Example Arthritis

1 9 2 8 99 29 1

=5 (destiny)

Both blue and red are missing. Use both alternating every 15 minutes.

Yellow or amber is good as a laxative.

Eye ailments can be cured by looking through a blue

For poison use blue rays.

Red is good for leg aches to relieve soreness as stiffness.

Greenish-blue will knit a bone.


Great care must be exercised in administering the colour treatment. Never attempt to effect a cure without first consulting a physician as you may administer the wrong colour treatment both in hue and time of exposure, and consequently injure yourself greatly. Unless you are positive of your ailment, and illness, you have consulted someone who is an authority and able to advise you correctly as to the paper treatment necessary do not experiment with light rays or coloured lamps or glass as the result may be disastrous.

For several years scientists have been experimenting on what light is best for outdoor comfort at night. Certain colours will attract bugs into death-traps. They have ascertained that red attracts fewer bugs or insects than any other colour, but since red is not a pleasing or soothing colour under which to read or play bridge, they have found that shades of orange or yellow are effective in producing the desired effect. An orange-yellow light has proved to be the most satisfactory both from the angle of detracting bugs and of providing the opportunity for distant sight. A blue light attracts bugs or insects more readily than an amber or red coloured light.
May be that, we will soon be using infrared rays for heating our homes.

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