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Encyclopedia of Vedic Astrology: Remedies: Colour Therapy, Chapter XI, Part – 2

Dr. Shanker Adawal

Colour Therapy

Part 2

Persons of refined temperament admire soft delicate colours. Persons of less refined temperament admire deeper colours. Coarse individuals like bright, gaudy colours.

It is a well established fact that the use of colour in the handling of children or in dealing with adults has considerable effect on their emotions and personalities. Colour can make a person exuberant or discouraged. It has the power to cure or produce an inferiority complex; to attract or repel business opportunities or success. Wear vitamin colours to give strength, courage, and originality; neutral or soothing colours to cure nervousness, and gay or mediating colours to produce happiness and beauty.
If a child is of excitable, nervous type avoid stimulating him with red toys. Use green or blue in his surroundings to calm him. If a child is ill use yellow to produce gaiety, or if he needs a stimulant give him red, orange, or rose toys to produce vigour and vitality. A room decorated in neutral or drab colours such as grey, beige, midnight blue, or black may produce despondency, sorrow, or even physical illness. One of the scenario writers in Hollywood dons a blazer striped sweater of yellow, red, and orange, cream trousers, and orange shoes when he is asked to write a sensational, vivacious, romantic tale.

One of the leading magazines published an article concerning the habits of Dr. Albert Einstein, the mathematician. In direct contrast to the fact that he was very unassuming, retiring, and conventional (which is often true of a genius, or of one so gifted and brilliant), the article stated that he had a fondness for colour, frequently wearing brown and blue striped sweaters, beige pants, and tan shoes.
Colours which harmonise with your birthday, soul urge, destiny, and birth path are of paramount importance.

Wear the colours of your birthday for social affairs and gaiety.

For relaxation and for protection against adverse vibrations wear the colour of your soul urge.
For intellectual study, or to enliven your capabilities wear the colour of your destiny or expression number. For business success or to attract new opportunities wear the colours of your birth path.
Displaying or wearing colours in harmony with the cosmic vibration of the day is beneficial in business. Don’t wear dark blue on a 1st day or red on a 7th day. Certain people should wear stripes and plaids, others plain materials. Red makes business boom.

Business will be stimulated and multiplied by using dynamic coloured stationery. Maroon menus will create an appetite. Vibrant coloured sacks for flour, sugar, and other commodities will increase sales. Factories will increase their output and build up their morale by using colour correctly in their decoration, machinery, product, or by adopting a uniform dress or smock of dynamic colours.


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