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Jupiter is THE GURU. Being depicted by Guru it depicts knowledge, right deeds, conforming to the righteous society path in various aspects of life and learning higher values. Jupiter in our books, the sages said was the most important planet. Let us understand that in the years back the most important TOOL- was acquiring knowledge and spreading it - this was the greatest wealth - to the SAGE/RISHI even the KING walked to receive - they were the MORAL gatekeepers of the society. What i want you to UNDERSTAND that DO NOT confuse JUPITER with the GIVER OF MATERIAL WEALTH. A strong JUPITER gives knowledge. MORE importantly it GIVES WISDOM - it wants you to abide to morals & rules - it tells you to be satisfied with little - i repeat it gives WISDOM . Jupiter IS THE KARAK for education, family ties , children ( they were the biggest wealth in our olden times ) , marriage , fortune & fortunate were those who spread knowledge and make gains for the welfare of the society . It also depicts the CHARACTER & THE TYPE of husband a girl would get . In the present world where MONEY rules and the END is more important than the MEANS, i have observed that Jupiter's glance provides wisdom and thus the DIVINE protection. A planet that may not give wealth as it is mostly understood. It is the GIVER of the FINER /EMOTIONAL things of life. People with DEBILITATED Jupiter are seen to be earning money as that is the yardstick for today. For spirituality i need not stress that Jupiter is PIVOTAL but when strong & afflicted it produces the biggest CON people. Jupiter gives everything in life proportionately when strong BUT not LAKSMI in excess. Do not misunderstand that Jupiter is the GIVER of MATERIAL WEALTH. Jupier is important as anything done with our WISDOM & LONG TERM PERSPECTIVE will only give gain . Jupiter when with its interaction by placement - aspect - conjunction - depositor & more so by the dasha.Transit & IMPACT OF this planet is necessary to PROMISE ANYTHING - NO PROMISE CAN BE THERE IN THE HOROSCOPE TILL JUPITER VALIDATES ( THIS IS MY RESEARCH IN BHRIGU NADI ) - this promise can be for god , bad or ugly - Jupiter PROMISES & SATURN WITH THE OTHER KARTATWA delivers .Jupiter thus in transit can never be ignored for seeing a promise - surely the planet has to be seen in the HOROSCOPE with regard to the relationship it forms directly & indirectly with the Karkas like venus , mars etc - remember planets in 6th /8th/12th of Jupiter have also there SIGNIFICANCE in predictive astrology - an important planet which SHOWS / INDICATES an EVENT . A planet that cannot be IGNORED. Yes not the planet as a GIVER OF WEALTH for KALIYUGA AS THIS YUiG IS RULED by Rahu ( we talk about that later ) . To talk of Jupiter you need experience, study of horoscopes and this planet is like the sa- re - ga of music. The old age ie 60 - 72 should be seen from the health of this planet & again do not confuse with material wealth. Health of liver and spleen is controlled by Jupiter. A planet which is the GIVER of positives & negatives of the other KARTATWAS & also power/administration/prestige - i must end now ---- . , Please your views & experience.

Dr. Shanker Adawal
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