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SATURN - the planet that is MYSTERIOUS & MOST MISUNDERSTOOD . It is the planet that PUTS structure in place . It likes ORDER . It believes in a path that is acted after THOUGHT . It wants Justice and wants you to do the RIGHT things . IT THUS IS A PLANET THAT ACTS AFTER THOUGHT VALUING STRUCTURE & ORDER .
Saturn delays things as it wants to evaluate . One of its most important character-stick is OF DELAY . Remember it does not DENY .
Saturn rules our KARMA / ACTIONS . Saturn is the planet that tells you to work for a living . In the present YUGA it therefore deals with PROFESSION AND THE GAINS from it . It deals with your networking skills , relationships , maturity and depth .
Saturn holds the key to the kind of job you will do and the success / gains from it . That will depend upon the degrees , aspect , placement & conjunction along with dasha relationship with its health in D - 10 .
Saturn rules the resources under the earth and your capability of exploiting them . It also rules the masses and your sway over them . The billionaires and the politicians thus HAVE to be helped by a strong Saturn - its strength is MUST for them .
Saturn likes the MARKET PLACE and tries to get structure and order there. For a successful lawyer/judge Saturn holds the key . Also finally the ethics and norms would depend upon its relationship with other planets. Saturn is not comfortable in fighting and direct confrontation .
Saturn delays MARRIAGE & CHILDREN / FAMILY LIFE if it aspects those houses or related . Remember it only delays as it likes DISCIPLINE & CAUTION .
A STRONG Saturn IS IMPORTANT OT FIGHT enemies , competition , co - workers , diseases and debts .
Saturn when strong and connected to house of SPIRITUALITY makes you to go deep into it - then understand and practice . With relationship of other planets it can make you a CHEAT & A CON MAN
Saturn when afflicted becomes the opposite - DOES NOT LIKE RULES & ORDER - in such situations it promotes EXTRA MARITAL RELATIONSHIPS , prohibited love & sex and other unnatural ways . It will do the same in areas of JOB & CAREER ETHICS . Saturn thus produces the CHEATS & SWINDLERS .
IN THE BHRIGU NADI SYSTEM that i have researched Saturn is the KEY planet that DELIVERS . Jupiter PROMISES & it is Saturn that DELIVERS - GIVES THE RESULT .We have to see it with the relationship it makes with the KARTATWAS Iin the Bhrigu system it all depends upon the CYCLE that is the UNIQUENESS of this method .
Saturn therefore is the most important planet that gives misery or what we call happiness . It also governs LONGEVITY and a key signification for it .
The beggars and the billionaires are produced by the GRACE of this planet.
We must look at the NAKSHATRA - NAVAMSHA - DASHAMSA at least and then evaluate Saturn . If not in strength then nothing much will happen - other planets can produce HOPE but the passing of the event will happen only if SATURN helps .
This one planet hold the KEY to a lot of things and would STOP now .
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