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Encyclopedia of Vedic Astrology: Remedies: Gems, Chapter VIII, Part – 35

Dr. Shanker Adawal


Diabetes is probably the pleasantest of all chronic diseases. It is not so painful, distressing and contagious disease. If checked and treated early, it can be cured; still, people die of diabetes because of its uncontrolled complications. The main symptoms are excessive flow of urine containing sugar, and unusual thirst. Sugar is therefore prohibited to a diabetic patient in diabeties, the body is unable to burn up its intake of sugar, starches and other carbohydrates because of the absence of insulin in the body. This insulin is produced by the pancreas. In these circumstances, blood sugar accumulates in the blood-stream. It has been found and observed that a diabetic parent will give birth to a diabetic child and it is therefore, hereditary.
Women are the main victims of this disease than men. Diabetic troubles appear with the advance in age and increase in body weight. Obesity or growing too fatty is a danger signal to diabetic attacks. Cleanliness is of vital importance to them as gangrene of the toes and feet may develop diabetes.
Diabetes is practically a Jupiter disease because of the fact that Jupiter governs the liver. He is responsible for production of bile which is necessary for proper digestion of food-intake Proper function of liver is almost essential for burning up its intake of sugar, starches and carbohydrates. When the planet Jupiter if afflicted in Libra or Scorpio, diabetes appears in our body. A combination of Jupiter and Saturn is enough to cause disturbance in the function of liver which in turn causes diabetes, cirrhosis of liver.

The prescription for gems will be as under:

1. White coral in 7 Rattis plus Yellow Sapphire in 5 Rattis, on middle & 3rd finger respectively.

2. Pittambari Nila in 4 Rattis plus White coral in 9 rattis on Kamistha and madhyama respectively.

3. Diamond in 1 rattis on middle finger.

The gem white coral may be worn on middle finger and Pittambari Nila on little finger of either hands. It is guaranteed that these two gems can give the sufferer complete and quick relief. This will also prevent future recurrence of this disease. The patient may lead a normal life without any further trouble.


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