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Encyclopedia of Vedic Astrology: Remedies: Gems, Chapter VIII, Part – 33

Dr. Shanker Adawal

Eye Troubles

Part 2

Old sightedness (Presbyopia)

It is a case of farsightedness, that usually comes in old age. The crystalline lens of the eye tends to lose its elasticity. After forties, some people may discover that they have to hold a newspaper farther and farther away to read it. Medicines cannot restore normal eyesight, and as such, optical glasses are prescribed for use in the eyes.
Gems can be used to prevent further deterioration of eye-sight.
The gems are Emerald, Ruby White Pearl and Red coral to be used jointly. The best combination will be Red coral and White Pearl.


It causes distorted images, fuzzy and blurred vision. It occurs because the cornea and lens of the eye and not perfect rounded as they have irregularities.
It may be corrected by using optical lenses.
Red coral & White Pearl may be useful here.


It is hereditary and incurable. It occurs usually in males. The common symptom is inability to distinguish red and green colours. The victims fail to recognize traffic red and green signals. They should avoid driving and travelling on roads. The medical science has miserably failed to restore normal eye-sight inspite of its all round advancement.
It is also true that gems cannot restore normal eye-sight but they can prevent further deterioration of the eye-sight.
The gems are Emerald, Red coral White Pearl and Diamond.


It is caused by Vitamin A deficiency and can be corrected by taking Vitamin A diets.
It means inability to see in dim or poor light.
Red coral & White Pearl will be found to be very useful.


Some authors say that Saturn governs the right eye and Mars the left eye where as majority are of the view that the Sun governs the right eye and the Moon rules over the left eye.
The prescription for gems is Emerald in 6 Rattis plus Ruby in 4 ½ Rattis plus White Pearl 5 or 6 Rattis. The gem Red coral may be used in place Ruby.


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