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Encyclopedia of Vedic Astrology: Remedies: Austerities and Fasts, Chapter VII, Part – 5

Dr. Shanker Adawal

Sacred Gauri Vrat

There is a very detailed account of our Puranas on this rare and most efficacious Vrat or vow for Gauri (Parvati). One who reads of recites this story every day, for one year, will get worthy spouse.

It is deemed that this Vrat has been in place since remote past by tradition. This Vrat grants husbands as desired by women i.e. according to their genuine wishes. By this Vrat, a woman obtains a highly affectionate husband. A girl (i.e. the aspirant) should fast on the previous day (i.e. before commencement of the month concerned), wash off the clothes (to be used the next day) and lead a restrained life. On the next day i.e. on the day of the month of Margasira commences (i.e. Shukal Paksh, Padyami, or the first lunar day of the bright half of Margasira month, with the Nirayana Sun transiting in Scorpio), she should take bath in near by river and wear the previously washed robes. In a sacred pot, the six prescribed deities viz. Ganesha, Surya, Agni (fire), Vishnu, Siva and Durga should be invoked after worshipping them with various articles offering the five kinds of Upacharas (oblations like clothes and ornaments). Before the Kalasa (sacred pot), a square vedi (i.e. square area of ground to serve for sacrificial altar, having receptacles for the sacrificial fire) should be prepared. Sandal, incense, Kasturi (musk) and Kumkuma (vermillion) should be applied on the Vedi. An idol of Durga with ten arms should be got made of sand. A mark of saffron should be applied on the forehead of the idol, and an offer of camphor and sandal should also be made on the other part of the body of the idol. The goddess should be invoked with prayers. Then the following Mantra should be recited.

The idol of Durga should be worshipped with the above cited Mantra, after taking a Sankalpa (resolution) along with the following Moola Mantra, stipulated in Saama Veda.

Reciting these Mantras, the goddess should be prayed with the most secretive prayers conjoined even to the most excellent of sages. Men of attainment pray to Durga, the destroyer of evil manifestations, on these lines.


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