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Encyclopedia of Vedic Astrology: Remedies: Austerities and Fasts, Chapter VII, Part – 4

Dr. Shanker Adawal

Mangala Gauri Vrat

Mangala Gauri Vrat is very common in Maharashtra. This Vrat should be observed by married women, so that they may never suffer widowhood; so that they may enjoy the association of their husbands and may lead a pleasant and happy married life.

The Vrat should be observed for five years on each and every Tuesday commending from first Tuesday of Shraavan. After successful completion of five years of Mangala Gauri Vrat, the same may be observed on Tuesdays of Shraavan Maas only i.e. 4 times in a year during the month of Shraavan only.

First of all Sthapana of Mangala Gauri should be done. Navgraha and Matrikaa Kalash etc should also be properly placed facing towards north. Shodoshopachar Poojan should be done of all these including Mangala Gauri. Thereafter the story of Mangala Gauri Vrat is read and heard and take the Prasad. After completing the Sankalp, worship of Mangal Gauri, touch the ground after removing the mat or Aasan and touch your forehead.

Vat Savitri Vrat

This is the most useful, common and well-known Vrat for the long and healthy life of husband. Manglik girls and married manglic women must observe this Vrat for everlasting conjugal bliss. This Vrat is observed from Amavasya day of the month of Jyestha. In this Vrat, worship of the banyan tree of or Vat Vraksha which is the strongest tree and has a very long life is performed.

First of all the girl should prepare small spherical sweets by frying them. Honey should be mixed in wheat flour and as many as 108 round shaped (shape of Vat Vriksha) sweets should be made and thereafter they should be fried. They should be poured in a thread like a garland. Poori and Halwa should also be made for Prasad. Water soaked grams (bheega hua desi chana) should also be included in the Prasad. Take the container; keep the garland of fried small sweets, Poori, Halwa and grains along with Roli, Sindoor, rice, flowers, Ghee, Dhoop, Deep, Camphor, red cloth, Gur, Haldi, various sweets and money etc. One should go to Vat Virksha taking this container along with water in any vessel. Stem of the Vat Vriksha should be properly washed and Shodhopchar i.e. 16 fold worship must be done. First of all the earthen lamp of pure ghee should be lighted thereafter Shodshopchar Poojan should be performed one by one.

After Shodshopchar Poojan and worship, prayers should be made by the women for their Akhand Saubhagya i.e. long life of the husband. After observing the Vrat for whole of the day, the lady should take sweets and fruits or meal with one cereal. `Bayana should also be taken out and should be given to mother-in-law or sister-in-law, if they are available. If they are not available, Bayana should be given to any married woman whose husband is alive.

The Vat Savitri Vrat is observed once in a year, but its significance is so important that any lady should never miss it. After performing this Vrat the lady should also touch the feet of her husband and the husband should bless her for her Akhand Saubhagya.


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