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Encyclopedia of Vedic Astrology: Remedies: Yantras, Chapter IV, Part – 16


Dr. Shanker Adawal

Hanuman Yantra

Hanumanji who is esteemed disciple of Lord Rama is very much worshipped for realization of all cherished desires. He is also know as Bajrang Bali and Mahavir. People also call him pawan sut Hanuman i.e. son of Vayu. He is considered the lord of wars and political stability. He is known as commander in-chief. Lord hanumanji is bachelor and all evil spirits fear from him and where hanumanji is worshipped all such spirits remain away. A ouse which is devoid of children is blessed with children where hanumanji is worshipped daily. He bestows good health, beauty and vigour. Hanumanji is also called putradatta. He is also worshipped to propitiate planet Mars and Saturn in astrology.

Points to remember during Hanuman Sadhana

1. One should be of good character. Do not talk ill of any body. Keep your mind calm and clear. Avoid vices.

2. Sadhaka should be vegetarian and be fasting on Tuesday.

This yantra is good for checking the harassments due to great evil spirits, poison and thieves. If the planets are showing their adverse results then this yantra gives its full result. If fever is caused by black magic or evil spirits the devotee shall angrily strike the patient with water and hold ashes inspired with the mantra, the patient gets relief. The yantra is to be drawn on bhojpatra with Asthgandh or carved on copper plate. The mantra for recital is:-

Haum Hsphrem khphrem Hsraum Hskhphrem Hsaum Hanumate Namah||

Dhyana Verse

Balakarayuttejsam tribhuwanparshobhkam sundram Sugrivadisamastvanarganee sansevaypadambujam|

Nadeneev samast rakshakganansantrasanayatam prabhu Shrimadampadambujsamartiratam dhayami vatatmjam||

Having perfectly realized the yantra, the devotee can accomplish the realization of his own as well as other’s desires. He shall perform a thousand homa with banana, pomegranate and mango. Then he shall feed twenty two Brahmin religious students leading celibate life. If this is done all cherished desires are fulfilled.


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