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Encyclopedia of Vedic Astrology: Remedies: Yantras, Chapter IV, Part – 8

Dr. Shanker Adawal
Mantra For Recital
Om Bhoorbhuvah Swah Tatsyavitur Vareniyam, Bhargo Devasya Dhi Mahi Dhiyo Yona Prachodyat||
 Some usages of Gayatri yantra after realization

1. After realization of the yantra in case of disease, recite the mantra for ten times and exorcism the patient, who will be cured.

2. As and when one has to do any job, recite the mantra and every thing would be in order. When a house is affected by souls etc., recite the mantra for four days and sprinkle the water in the house, all evils will go.

3. In case of siddhi of any Yantra, recite the mantra and draw a line and sit inside the line and perform japa of yantra. Siddhi of yantra will be attained. Many other uses can be made of Gayatri Yantra.

4. Before pooja of any yantra worship Gayatri yantra with the mantra. It helps in attaining success.

5. If a man dies with unnatural death, japa of this mantra leads him to salvation.

6. A native afflicted with souls, can be treated successfully. Give a smoke of guggal, dhoop and white mustard to native and recite ten times the mantra, purify the water, sprinkle the water and water be taken by the native. All effects will go.

7. For gain of wealth use fresh flower of Juhi or Red Lotus. Also can use samidhas (portion of wood use in Homa for agni) of Bilva tree, its leaves, flowers fruit or its root with pure ghee in Homa.

8. Samidhas of Shami, Bilva or Visheshar Aak or their flowers with ghee be used in Homa for acquisition of Gold, wealth etc.

9. Dip the leaves of bilva in ghee and use in Homa. This makes the devotee wealthy.

10. Round balls of Guggal be used in Homa with Ghee to be a fortunate.

11. One is blessed with wealth and prosperity when til and barley are used with ghee in Homa.

12. Following samput are used in Gayatri Mantra for reaping more benefit from it. After the word (Om Bhoorbhuvah Swah) use the following words as samput for the specific purposes indicated below and then the mantra be recited.

(Om aeeng kaleeng soo) This Samput is used for proficiency in words.

(Om Shareeng hareeng shareeng) This samput is used for wealth and comforts.

(Om Aeeng hareeng kaleeng) Enemies are destroyed, troubles and worries vanish and native is blessed with joy and happiness through the use of this samput.

(Om Shareeng hareeng kaleeng) Through the use of this samput, one is blessed with progeny and one enjoys sexual bliss.

(Om hareeng) By candid use of this samput, one recovers from diseases.

(Om aeeing hareeng kaleeng) This samput when used blesses the devotee with protection from all evil forces. His hopes and wishes are realized.


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